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Saturday, 27 November 2010

today was another family day of me, mom & leyton.  got to hang out w/ phil & anthony a little tonight, too.  : )  

i watched most of an episode of the good wife & had some toast for breakfast.  mom & leyton picked me up at 11 & we went to the theatre to get tickets for Tangled.  then we went across the parking lot to red robin for lunch - BANZAI!!!  : )  i think they forgot the mayo, tho, cuz it didn't taste quite the same.  still good, tho!  mmm!  

tanlged was MARVELOUS!!!  so cute, and funny, and leyton liked it!  he did sooooo well, til the last 10 minutes, then he was done & ready to go.  of course, he had to go to the loo, which didn't help so much.  *laugh*  still, it was awesome to watch him watch the movie.  : )  can't wait to go w/ him again to another one!!  

 on the way, we saw the after-effects of an accident on one of the main roads.  everyone looked okay, tho, i hope!  

after the movie, we went to best buy so i could get a new camera battery - i'll have my purse camera back, hooray!!!  then we went to the mall because mom had another bath & body works coupon to use before the end of november.  i got some nice handsoaps in holiday scents.  : )  leyton was sniffing everything like crazy, and some things he liked and some things he didn't.  lol  we played on some of the "mall rides" and then headed home.  we stopped at hy vee because mom needed milk, so i got dinner there, too.  some fruit, some chinese meatballs.  mmmm!  i came home to eat & thought i would stay in.  leyton called to tell me to come over to gramma's, tho, and phil asked me to bring him some smokes.  

so, i headed out again... *laugh*  stopped at kwik shop for a diet pepsi & phil's smokes, then hung out w/ the boys for a couple hours.  we had some fun w/ leyton's balloon & the dart guns, watched some thomas, played hide & seek - leyton's version is quite interesting.  he "hides" in his dad's entertainment center cabinet & then says, loudly, "you'll never find me!"  LOL  and don't worry, he can open the door from the inside (i was worried when he asked me to close him inside it the first time!  i made him push the door open so i could see that he could get out.)!  i had a piece of pumpkin pie & it was soooo good!  : )  

i picked up the mail - christmas card from aunt nancy & uncle gene!  and then, a birthday card & turtle postcard & BEAUTIFUL turtle bracelet from my dearest april!!  she got the pc & bracelet from myrtle beach.  so sweet!  : )  

now, home to watch some Angel w/ bret & play around here.  *laugh*  tomorrow, idk what the plan is.  i might meet mom & the boys for lunch at golden corral, but we'll see!  i hope your saturday went fabulously!  : )  



  1. red robin! love them!

    and glad that you weren't in the crash! but were you rubbernecking!? carrie! shame on you! lol jk

  2. *laugh* not rubbernecking! i was taking a picture of the ppl in the right lane, because i thought they were going to be idiots & try to merge at the last second, causing another accident in which case i wanted photographic evidence for the cops. LOL as it turned out, the police had moved and they were able to stay in the right lane, and i was able to get pictures of the cars on the tow trucks. teehee!