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Thursday, 25 November 2010

thank you part II

my evening in pictures.  now i am off to SLEEP!  tomorrow mom & leyton are picking me up for breakfast/brunch, then off to Tangled, then i need to go to the mall (eep!) and maybe a couple other stops, even though i know it'll be craaaazy busy.  i'm hoping if i go later, the mega-shoppers will all be home napping!  lol

take care!  how was YOUR thanksgiving??



  1. SUCH a cute kid! I am so excited that you are going to see Tangled, too! I want to see that stat! Haha but Burlesque is first! I am going to see that tomorrow with a new certain boy that has recently walked into my life! (stay tuned for some future blog posts telling of this...I will wait a few more days to see how things are going with him before I write the post...but stay tuned! haha)

    ANYWHO...I had a great Thanksgiving! So glad that you did too! Kisses and Hugs!

  2. gracias, corey! : )

    can't wait to hear about the new boy! and burlesque, let me know what you think of it. i don't really want to see it, but am just curious what ppl think about it!

    and tangled - sold out when we got there! d'oh! so we're going tomorrow. : )