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Sunday, 7 November 2010

hey hey we're the monkees!

did you know they've already started playing christmas music on one of our radio stations?  like, All Christmas, All the Time christmas music!  *boggle*  now, i was kinda ready for some christmas music interspersed into other music.  i mean, it is november, and i am getting into the Spirit & shopping & all that.  but ALL?  already?  i guess i'm still just enough of a traditionalist - the 24 hour christmas music shouldn't start til the friday after thanksgiving.  *laugh*  

speaking of giving thanks - i'm thankful that i live so close to jen, leyton & anthony.  : )  she texted me tonight to see if i was out or at home.  i brought over some soda for her & the kids & some sinus meds cuz she was feeling poorly.  anthony let me in & leyton gave me a biiiiig hug when i walked in & he took the bag of soda (i brought some that i had here) and said, "Thank you for bringing us something to drink!"  and he was excited, it was just cute!  jen looked & sounded like hell, and leyton asked if he could have some soda, and jen said w/ dinner.  she said she was going to get up & make something, but she just looked so tired & sounded so sick, i asked if she wanted me to make something before i left.  she said she was going to make tacos, so i said to just rest a bit & i could make them - at least brown the hamburger for her anyway!  

so, that's what i did.  i entertained leyton & browned the meat & actually, leyton helped me w/ the skillet.  : )  i loved having him in the kitchen while i cooked.  i can't WAIT for saturday when i get to hang out w/ him all day & overnight!  i think maybe we'll make cookies.  we can make a plate for his mommy, and gramma, and grammy cheek...oooh.  of course, i like this idea, but actually doing it ... who knows?  lol  i am not the best baker, as we all know!  anyway, i played w/ leyton while browning the meat & then turning it into taco meat & getting it set up for tacos.  then i zipped back home so they could eat.  : )  (jen offered me a taco, too, but i had to decline.  i don't think i should use the smart balance margarine anymore.  it does bad things to my tummy!)

mom called & she isn't sure if she'll make it to my party or not.  d'oh!  but we're going to try to go to osaka sometime this week for a birthday dinner.  birthday dinner #1 was last night at el rodeo after shopping.  *grin*  that's right, i'm spoiled (but not rotten!) & get several birthday meals.  i did mention i celebrate all month, right?  ; )  

speaking of celebrating - keep those comments coming!  remember - every comment  you leave counts as a separate entry into the Birthday Giveaway!  followers will get 1 extra entry, but i do understand if you don't want to be a follower.  i post a lot (sometimes twice in one day, like today, lol) and sometimes you just don't want that clogging up your email or blog roll.  so, no hard feelings!  i'm just tryin to give you an extra shot at the present.  ; )  

can you tell i'm into rainbows today?  : )  i watched the wedding date, ever after, summer school, today.  then my computer said "Watch Me!" and so i watched Caprica & Castle.  *bounce*  my plan is to watch another episode of castle & perhaps finish desperate housewives before bed.  oh, or what would you do?... i think that started back up last month.  burn notice starts on 11/11, happy happy!  

next week i get to see my dear friend toni, who is visiting from arkansas.  *bounce*  we're having lunch on wednesday, and then i'm hoping to make it to her wedding dress shopping on friday.  excited!!

tomorrow my grammy cheek will be 96!!!  : )  

have you checked out the tastefully simple post at the menu yet?  

i think i'll listen to my monkees cd tomorrow while i work.  i've had the title song in my head all day (mixing, oddly, w/ michael buble songs from the wedding date!).  it's more amusing than annoying, as i at least like all these songs playing in my head!  heh.

okay, i think i'm really done for today!  thanks for reading my daily journal.  thanks for commenting!  thanks for sharing w/ your friends!  : )  



  1. My husband works at JC Penney and I worked there for 7 years as well (that's where we met of course ha) and even though I heard it all day every day I LOVED it! haha not him, he hated it :) I just still can't believe the holidays are just around the corner!
    Happy Sweet November to you!! I love how you celebrate your birth MONTH :) I do the same, but it's more like a birthday week. I think I'm going to do the whole month of March, you've inspired me :) I still wish I could go to your party!!! That would be awesome :) Oh if only we lived closer!
    That is SO sweet of you to help Jen out like that :) My sinuses were killing me over the weekend. Luckily I'm feeling lots better! I hope Jen is too!!! Leyton is so lucky to have such a fun and sweet auntie :)
    I absolutely LOOOOOVE the Wedding Date!! It's one of my favourite movies!!!!! :) I can watch it anytime!

  2. I love the colors on this post! Most fun one yet!

    Also, I have told my friends about your blog :) My rommate is now also secretly stalking you. he likes you ;)

  3. *waves to corey's roommate*

    yay! : ) and thank you!