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Friday, 19 November 2010

happy birthday to me, part I

today is going to be a most fabulous day!!!  : )  i slept til 10.  i took a LONG shower...well, as long as the basin would allow me to, as the drano apparently didn't work and all too soon there was a tub full of water... bah.  back to WM i go!  LOL  

yesterday i got lots of birthday wishes, and the BEST was from april!  she totally surprised me with the first season of The Vampire Diaries!!!  (and she was right, DUH, it's a GREAT show!  : )  )  actually, bret is also addicted now.  lol  he stayed up way later than me & watched many episodes.  i had to go to bed after 3, maybe 4.  idk, they're so good they all kinda run together.  *laugh*  

marty passed around a card for me & gave it to me yesterday since i wasn't going to be there today.  she did a great job picking it out - it's mary englebreit, and i LOVE ME!  : )  erm.  not me, ME, mary englebreit = ME.  lololol

i also got the cards from sarah & stephen - who also called me this morning & left a message saying happy birthday!  sweeties!  : )  

and in the unusual senders category, we have Marlboro sending me a pack of playing cards.  get it?  birthday cards!  LOLOL  : )  love it!  and my bank sent me a card, as well.  

i also got a couple postcrossings from canada & germany!  

so now today!  i need to break away from the vampire diaries & go to the PO, the bank, the theatre, kohl's, bath & body works, and... i forget where else, but i have to get home by like 3 so i can pick up bret for dinner at 5.  good times, right?!!  : )  i'll have birthday post part II soon!  : )  



  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! please forgive me.... i've been crazy busy but things are about to get happy crazy as i go home to TX for a MAGGGGICAL thanksgiving! ;) details soon!!!

    i should like to send you a birthday gift when everything calms a teensy bit down. I'm thinking of you love! xoxo

  2. Happy bday! Hope it was wonderful.

  3. thank you, both! micaela, you will have an AWESOME time in TX!!! : )

  4. Happy Birthday! :) You deserve it!

    By the way, I love your attitude all the time. It's so inspiring! Keep staying positive!

  5. thanks, corey! i promise i'm not always positive, but most of the time. i count it as a blessing - those times when i'm NOT positive... i can't imagine living a life of that. depression is not our friend. not even a little.