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Friday, 12 November 2010

new monitor!

Phil dropped off & installed the monitor & leyton's here!!  : )

we're watching V & playing w/ lego's & magnets.  actually, leyton is playing & told me to go on the computer.  LOL


We watched Shrek & then it was bedtime & leyton went to bed pretty well once again.  bret stopped in for a bit & it was cute because he hadn't seen leyton for awhile.  bret was pleasantly surprised at how chatty he is!  heh.  texted back & forth w/ georgette for awhile.  watched some V after leyton went to bed.  now it's midnight & really time for me to get to sleep, too!  tomorrow is going to be busy, but oh so fun!!

one more thing i wanted to mention - check out this tree!  isn't it neat?  i'm participating in micaela's ornament swap & have lisa.  i LOVE picking out presents, as you know!

oh, i seriously need to sleep!  : )  goodnight & sleep tight!



  1. yay for new flatscreens! haha

  2. Love all the Christmasy things in the photos here, Carrie! Really excited about Micaela's swap and all the festive fun in the 6 weeks ahead!

  3. yay for the fabulous new monitor! and for fun crafting with such a adorable boy!

    j'adore lisa's awesome tree and sooo excited to have you both for my swap :)

    adore you! xoxo

  4. I'm so excited to shop for ornaments and decorations & cards & ... also, so far, this monitor is awesome!! : )