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Friday, 5 November 2010

finally friday!

today was a pretty quiet day at work.  deli day for lunch - one of my favorite lunches!  all the deli meats i want, thinly sliced, different kinds of cheeses, potato salad...mmmm!  i know, right, what kinda day is it when the highlight is deli meat??  lol  anyway, it was good, and it was a good day.  went fairly fast, too.  i spent almost all day working on memorial reqs.  

after work, i headed to hallmark to pick up aunt sandy's card.  i LOVE that place!  i can't wait til i can go on my spree for christmas stuff & birthday cards for work & all that fun stuff!  : )  i like to buy pretties for me, certainly, but the most fun is when i'm picking out things for other ppl.  cards or gifts, postcards, small things, big things, it all brings me this rush of... something.  happy!  lol  the best is when i find the PERFECT thing for someone, the thing that jumps out at me, screaming, "APRIL WILL LOVE ME!" or "MARZ! THIS IS PERFECT FOR HER!" : )  sometimes it takes me awhile before i can actually purchase said item.  i like when it works out that i find it & can purchase it at the same time, but i do try to have patience when possible.  *laugh*  

after the card purchase (and, i also had one of those moments mentioned above, finding a little something for joyums.  woot!), i headed to sancho's.  it was paaaaaacked w/ ppl for aunt sandy's party, woot woot!!  i went with nell & joe & their daughter, sophie, into the other room to give new ppl space.  i ordered my favorite TACOS.  since there were so many of us, tho, it took forever to get them.  *laugh*  which was okay, as i mostly hung out w/ nell & her family.  our family is so big that you almost have to pick one or two ppl to hang out w/ at each event - and rotate them - otherwise you never get to know anyone!  *laugh*  

mom arrived about 10 til 7, just in time to share a taco!  : )  quickly, because we had to get to the HS to see bradley in PHANTOM!  : ) : ) : )  i was so excited!  this is my favorite ALW production.  i've loved the soundtrack for years before i even saw a production of it.  i wanted to ride w/ mom because i didn't want to deal w/ the parking lot, but she didn't want to bring me back to the restaurant afterward, so i drove myself.  i got to the high school & parked & was on my way in when mom called.  

"what movie are we seeing?" she asks.

i stop dead in my tracks 1/2 way to the front door of the school.  "movie?  we're not seeing a movie, we're seeing bub perform in phantom at the high school!"

mom gasps.  "no!  was that tonight?!  that's not tonight!"  

and we continued in a conversation of her thinking she told me she couldn't go friday (she told me friday was the only night she COULD go, but that's okay).  yadda yadda yadda, meanwhile i really have to use the loo!  so i hopped back in my car & headed home, disappointed, but not too much as i'm determined to see it.  

mom called when she got home & we decided that we'll go tomorrow.  : )  after some pre-birthday shopping. oh, excited!!!  we're going to CJ Banks, because they're having a sale & i usually find great skirts there.  also Lane Bryant.  normally i don't like their clothes, anymore, because they're very ... mmm.  idk a polite word for it, but i just haven't liked them.  in HS they were GREAT!  i loved the clothing lines they had at that time.  but then they went all "trendy" or something & unfortunately the trends for women's clothing leaned toward no sleeves & low cut & fitted.  no, thank you!  i don't even care if my style makes me look bigger, i like my comfy, roomy clothes.  : )  speaking of, there's a shirt at WM that i want, too.  $13.  love it!  

anywhoooooo.  oh!  i'm working on a tastefully simple post for the menu blog.  hopefully will have it up tomorrow.  : )  excited to write it!  i think you guys might want to put in some orders.  ; )  

for now, a little more buffy & then beddy bye for carrieboo.  



  1. omg i kinda panicked for a second when I found out that you might have missed phantom.

    but i am glad you are going tomorrow instead. :)

    Also, I got your pot card today! I love it! I got so super excited! I wish you could have seen! Thanks so much!

  2. *laugh* i'm so glad you liked it! i had a few different city-scapes & that was my favorite, so i knew it had to go to you!