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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


hello, that's right, i sadi winnerS because it's my blog and i can have two if i wanna.  i did a regular drawing (comment number 1, Jana!) and then a drawing for the extra entries (comment number 28, Micaela!).  

Congratulations!!!  winners, please email me at gmail with your romantic genre preference and also jana i need your address.  : )  i'm a fan of several authors & genres, so i'll do my best to match you with something you're likely to enjoy, as winning something you don't want to read wouldn't be nearly as much fun!  lol  

so, also winners - Prince William and his lovely bride-to-be!  how excited are you that they are FINALLY officially engaged??!?!  seriously, they are so adorable.  and don't pretend like you don't care about the royal family.  ; )  really, i'm not a royal "follower."  but i do like the idea of royalty.  i like that the princes are in the military.  i think that for all the press, kate middleton has handled herself brilliantly.  
today was pretty spiffy, if i do say so myself.  some crazy stuff at work, but i got thru it!  : )  and we went to subway for lunch, the walk helped me to have a fab afternoon!  and also the cookie.  and perhaps the steak & cheese sub.  mmmmm.  

after work, i went to marshall's & found something that i am SO EXCITED to give to someone!  they had a whole section of random stationery & journals & books... it was like heaven!  i got some cuuuute Lily Pulitzer cards, some Oscar Wilde cards, and also Harriet The Spy!  : )  the movie, not stationery.  lol  picked up a thomas the train dvd for leyton.  saw some wine stoppers that will make great gifts if i get someone for secret santa (i didn't get them yet, because we're not drawing names until thursday).  : )  

i picked up some nuggets from chick fil a & a pumpkin chai from the bucks & then headed to the AMAZING Destino performance at the John Deere World Headquarters.  soooo much fun!  they're performing again this weekend, and i am planning to go on sunday.  loved it!  their voices and music are so beautiful, i cried.  like, really, brought me to tears.  i was thankful i had kleenex in my purse.  part of it, aside from their talent, was that i was remembering going to things like this performance w/ dad.  he brought me to see the ballet more than once, and he loved going to concerts & performances.  if he were still on earth with us, he would have been sitting right next to me.  yeah, i teared up.  after the concert, i wanted to go down & say hi.  but i didn't.  then, i thought... how dumb, i'm going to regret not going!  so i went back into the auditorium & went down the long stairs & said hello & thank you & wonderful job - through the panic attack my body was trying to have.  i may have seemed spazzy - i remember not being able to breathe, and i don't even remember what i said.  oye.  *laugh*  but the point, dear readers, is that I DID IT!  : )  i fought thru the panic attack and i went to meet performers i admired, and it didn't kill me.  

i got home around 8:30 or a little after that.  watched some Walker while bret played on the computer.  wrote out some more thanksgiving cards.  gotta finish those up here soon so everyone GETS them by thanksgiving!  LOL  matthew called at like 9:30 & we chatted til we got cut off.  i think his phone died, cuz he didn't call back & then bret needed to use the phone.  d'oh!  it was fun to chat, tho!  : )  

and now, i really REALLY need to sleep!  i'll leave you w/ the day's postcards - one from micaela, two from postcrossing (brazil & holland), and one from... my insurance agent!  heh.  i hope your tuesdays went well, and that all of our wednesdays are BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL!  *hugs*  



  1. i am so sad that i didnt win. I thought for sure that i had this one in the bag! lol :) but maybe you can still win mine? lol we can hope!

    at your mention of nuggets, my stomach growled. :( I am getting a gym membership, and starting to watch my diet, and that was one of the things that had to go :( i am SO distraught over it. sigh... lol

  2. WHOOOO HOOOO!! marianne called me while i was at work this morning to tell me and i was ELATED!!! esp on a day when i was excited to get off early (8-2 p.m.) and then as a favor to my coworker who looks like devilshly handsome hugh grant ;), i'm picking up his closing shift from 7:30-9pm which isn't THAT bad but it's just me and the boss ;P ugggh! so you see? you totttally made my day!!! yippeee!!! you are so cute.

    love ya!!

    emailing you now :) xoxo

  3. corey - chick fil a nuggets are HEALTHY nuggets! as long as one doesn't eat them every day, of course...

    micaela - : ) i'm so happy i could bring a smile to your day!! i hope work goes WELL tonight!!