"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

words cannot describe

how absolutely amazing this week's Glee was.  

i seriously had the BIGGEST smile on my face when the warblers sang, first of all.  kurt's love interest is a CUTIE!  the music was spot-on thru the whole episode, and altho there were a few parts i felt were a little... much... overall the storyline was really good.  i do think that, realistically, kurt could get football dude on assault.  he has witnesses - mr. shu saw the big football dude slam him into the locker, wth wouldn't he go to figgins & have him suspended?  i mean, i'm sorry that you're struggling w/ your feelings & all, football dude, but bullying someone who is open is still NOT OKAY.

okay, i feel better after that mini-rant.  *laugh*  

today was a very good day.  God has blessed me w/ amazing friends, and i am so THANKFUL!  work was pretty smooth, not as productive as i would have liked, but there were some trickier issues to deal w/.  got those taken care of, at least!  for today!  lol  toni picked me up for lunch & we went to mama compton's.  last year, or two years ago when toni was here last, mama compton's was just a hole in the wall restaurant.  they've since moved into a larger space, and it's wonderful!  they have ice cream, and deli food.  i had a delicious roast beef on croissant, and some kickin krab & corn chowder.  YUMMY!  it was awesome to visit w/ toni & discuss her wedding (2012 now, instead of next summer, and it might be HERE instead of vegas, which would be cool).  i love my dear sister-friend!  i love that we have been friends for so long.  

i got back to work a little early & so did some checkbook stuff before getting back to actual work.  it was a quick-slow afternoon, if you know what i mean!  lots to do & actually got a lot done, but the last 3 hours felt like the dragged.on.forever.  lol  

then it was time to go home!  or, actually, to go to Borders & use the gift cards my aunt judy gave me last year for my birthday.  yes, that's right.  it took me a YEAR to use them!  wth?!  that is so unlike me.  i used to be in the bookstore ALL the time!  alas.  tonight i noticed how much more expensive books have gotten in my "absence," tho!  craziness!!!  i did find a couple books, tho - and then i also got a zombie book for matthew for christmas.  i hope he'll like it - it looks funny.  i was going to send him the normal gift card, along w/ his blanket (teeheehee), but then i saw this.  idk why it made me think of him!!  he's not a zombie, nor do i know of any particular love he has for them.  but, i read the back & it seemed like something he would get a kick out of.  so, there you go.  present logic by carrie.  (please note, this logic is employed for most of my gift-buying jaunts.  so, if and when you get a christmas present from me, if it seems like an odd choice for you, know that thought DOES go into my choices.  *loveya!*)

after all the book buying, i was quite peckish & ready for dinner.  thankfully, becca sent me a text about that time... oh yes, i also love that she & i have reconnected!  facebook, thank you!  : )  we met at texas roadhouse tonight for some eats, and oh what GOOD EATS they were!  fried pickle chips, steak, baked potato, rolls w/ cinnamon butter... just to keep myself in check: i had 2 glasses of water w/ lemon, 1/2 my steak, 1/2 my baked potato, 2 rolls w/ very little butter... and MANY pickle chips.  but we didn't eat the whole basket btwn the two of us, so i don't think either of us ate that many.  : )  it was a very fun dinner, and i was invited to go shopping in chicago w/ becks, her sister & her mom in december.  i say YAY!  it's a craft fair, even!  *bounce*  excited!!!  

when i got home, i called mom & we chatted for a bit.  she brought up the idea of taking a road trip over christmas.  i am intrigued - she mentioned disneyland - how close is disneyland to the ocean?  because if i got to see vegas AND the ocean over christmas??  seriously, i would love it!!!  : )  but, she's just thinking about it, she might change her mind & decide she doesn't want to drive all that way (27 hours to cali).  i TOTALLY want to drive all that way.  i'm already thinking of all the pictures i'd be taking!!!  : )  : )  : )  

i'll pray for wisdom on this decision.  

annnnd.  i watched Glee, of course, and then two episodes of The Good Wife.  michael j fox guested on one ep.  does everyone love MJF?  i just wanna hug him!  oh, speaking of - the boss is traveling to philly this week & i told him that if he runs into tony danza, he should give him my love.  : )  i should have also told him to look out for postcards... shoot!  

now, it's almost midnight & i still haven't read corey's latest blog post, which is about harry potter, and so i must head over there before hitting the hay.  bret's not home yet & he's usually home about 10 or 11.  hopefully he's alright!!  

ttfn!  tomorrow is thursday & mom & i are going to osaka for dinner to try it out.  yay!!!  


  1. I totally agree with you on Glee! :) A couple parts were a bit much, but I still think it was amazing!

    And I just love you. :) You are seriously so great.

    Also, Yes to California. Disneyland is like 15 minutes from the beach. And you have to drive through St. George to get to Vegas and Cali! So we could go to lunch! How fun would that be!?

    So my vote is cast. ;) Not sure if I am allowed to vote, but if so, now you have it. :)

  2. A road trip sounds like fun for Christmas. Cali sounds so nice and warm. I vote u go! :)Have a great day!

  3. Thank you both! I'm really hoping & praying that Cali will work out for Christmas! Altho, I asked Mom if she was serious about it at dinner last night & she said she didn't know. So, we'll play it by ear. But oh, the beach! : )