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Saturday, 13 November 2010

so much to do, so little time

that's what leyton kept saying today as we shopped.  which i found ironic since i'd just used a similar line for a blog title!  *laugh*  

today was SO MUCH FUN!  : )  leyton got up way too early, tho - like before 7.  i settled him on the couch w/ shrek & went back to bed.  not back to sleep, mind you.  my ears were awake!  about an hour or so later, i got up & fixed breakfast for us (waffles & eggs, w/ yogurt for leyton).  we finished watching shrek, putzed around for a bit, and headed out a little after 9.  we got petrol for chloe & then went to the post office to mail a batch of thanksgiving cards & postcrossings.  and a card to leyton from leyton (and aunt carrie lol).    

our first shopping stop was kohl's, where we found some Trio's - one of which i bought, it's true, because it has a turtle (which you can't see in these pictures...!).  

we also found some games, and ornaments.  leyton loved looking at and playing with all the different train decorations.  and the sparkly things - there was a plane that was all purple glitter, and he was covered after playing w/ it!  lol  i made the mistake of not grabbing a cart, though, so i didn't get as many ornaments as i wanted.  didn't really look at frames, either, because i couldn't carry anything more.  checked out the blankets/throws, but nothing really appealed.  looked at some purses & found a couple possibilities.  one of the ornaments i picked up didn't have a price tag, and the cashier wasn't really very ... helpful.  she was perfectly nice, but i think i caught her just before she went on break and she wasn't willing to even try to find out the price.  she suggested i go back & look or pick up another one.  um, what?  do you want my money?  then you'd better find out how much to charge me.  since she didn't, i just left it there.  however, it was a really cute hawkeye one that i really want (for me, or dave or jen or phil, idk!)!  we'll see, i earned $10 in kohl's cash, so i'll probably go back & pick it up later.  

i've never really LOOKED at ornaments before.  there are some really neat ones!  i love all the personalized ones - coffee cups & cell phones & crafts & sock monkeys.  actually, i'm wondering where the sudden influx of sock monkey memorabilia has come from, so if you know, please share!  

our next stop was next door, gordman's.  today was NOT the day for me to decide i didn't need my coat, and yet that's what i did.  BRRRRR!  the wind was brutal!  leyton didn't arrive in a winter coat, either, just a sweater jacket thing.  at least it had a hood, tho!  i was disappointed in gordman's because they didn't have ANY christmas blankets!  : (  they had lots when i was there a few weeks ago.  : (  *sigh*  will have to try again later, i guess.  i did find a cute billfold for mom, though, which i hope she likes!  leyton also wanted me to get a christmas tree, so i compromised & got these two beauties!  (he put them on my living room shelves when we got home.)  : )  

the plan was for the next stop to be toys r us, then lunch.  however, mom texted requesting me to get 3 gal of water for her, and WM was right down the road from gordman's, so we stopped there first.  i was suckered into buying some m&m-like candies from hershey's, but only let him eat a couple handfulls from the tube.  we also picked up a thomas christmas movie, Toy Story 3, some christmas cups & a new sweater.  : )  

leyton was kinda done & ready for lunch & a nap by the time we left WM - which was perfect timing for my original schedule!  however, he didn't want to delay toys r us any longer, and wouldn't listen to reason about it, of course.  *laugh*  so, off to TRU we went, w/ a stop at starbucks along the way because if he was going to be a crab apple, i needed coffee!  

thankfully, he was NOT a crab apple (much).  i found the cutest gum/candy containers for a couple ppl - the tins are shaped like an atari controller & pac man ghosts!!!  love it!  there was also a super mario bros star that i bought for someone - but then i dropped it in a basket & little stars scattered everywhere!!  d'oh!  this was, of course, at the most convenient time of taking leyton to the loo, and him saying w/ urgency, "aunt carrie, i have to potty!!"  LOL  he picked out a cute dinosaur train for his toy (fairly quickly, but not before going around the whole store).  

i have to give the kid props - he did AWESOME during all the shopping.  he is such a smart little boy, and it's just awesome to see him interacting w/ ppl, and his politeness and friendliness!  : )  

we stopped at BK for lunch, then went to gramma's to take a nap & play for a couple hours.  quite relaxing & lots of fun!  also, while he napped, i watched toy story 3.  oh my heck, what a tearjerker!!  the last 15 minutes or so, i was just in tears & blowing my nose so much that leyton (who woke up about 10 minutes before all that started) and mom were laughing at me!  well, mom was laughing because leyton was upset that i was sad, and i told him they were happy tears.  heh.  

when we got home, bret helped leyton put together one of his toys (as you could see above!  *laugh*).  his friend kenzie came over for cake (bret baked mom's midnight delight cake) & we all hung out & played & finished Madagascar.  then they went to borders & leyton & i watched thomas & played & then he went to bed!  

whew!!!  awesome but exhausting, ya know?!  : )  so, after he went to bed, i watched What Would You Do and Psych.  gooood!!!  

and wow now i am so ready to sleep!!  tomorrow we're meeting mom for breakfast whenever we're up & about.  idk what time i'm taking leyton home yet.  it's been a very nice weekend, and i am SO THANKFUL that i get to have him over!  : )  

i'll leave you w/ a couple more pictures of the evening's play.  i would have some super cute pictures of jumping off the bed into a pile of blankets, but i forgot to put a card in the camera for those.  so, as soon as i figure out how to add photos from my camera... don't hold your breath, tho... *laugh*  



  1. so cute! I love these pictures! and I actually think the cat in these pictures is kinda cute too....what? I have a fever? oh yes that explains why i just said that a cat is cute. ;)

  2. LOL corey! angel is very cute! i take it you're not normally a cat ppl? lol angel says "thank you."

    also, i must've approved this comment, yet i don't remember seeing it til now. weird!!