"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

i should be in bed right now!

but i'm not because becca texted me & said i don't have to be at her house til 8:30!  that means i get to sleep... well, til the normal time i get up in the morning.  LOL  but it means i don't have to get up early, so i call it a win!

today was a better day.  i miss my helper bee, tho.  not for the help, altho i missed that today, too.  but i missed her!  my wall-mate asked how i was doing; i said i was fine - and i am. but i miss her!  i hope her plane made it safely to cali & that she's having a good night out there!!  anyway, it was a steadily busy day for sure!  i stayed til 6, well a little after, but i worked til 6!  

when i got the mail, i had presents - a birthday card from joy and Dark Shadows from matthew!  i loved that show, i had the biggest crush on ben cross, who played barnabas!  : )  my happy mood lasted til i got to my door - and couldn't open it!!  my screen door is broken!  :(  took me 20 minutes to get it open.  argh.  phil's going to look at it when he comes over on friday to fix my guest loo.  hopefully he can fix it!

i finally got into my nice, warm house to fix some dinner.  watched No Ordinary Family & GLEE!  i seriously am so happy that they've found their way back to what i love about the show.  some of the recent episodes made me question my love of glee, but now they're back on track & each episode is MORE wonderful.  rah!

i had a whole important post to post, but i am just TIRED!  *laugh*  and excited about tomorrow's road trip, so to bed i go.  happy hump day, party peeps!  : )  love you!  




  1. I hope you have or had a wonderful birthday!

  2. i have to agree. glee was wonderful :) loved it :)

    you need rest. :) go get it! :)

  3. thanks, jen! and corey, that's because you have good taste! : )