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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


1) mcdonald's fruit & yogurt parfaits are scrumptious at 7:30 AM when i'm out of my yoplait.

2) meeting w/ the boss went quite well today, even if part of it determined that soon i would have even MORE work on plate.  

3) my mantra is "better busy than bored" so i don't really mind the more work thing.

4) the cafe had a really good cole slaw & pretty tasty salmon for lunch today.

5) tomorrow i'm meeting meg for lunch at hungry hobo.  mmmm!

6) after work, i stopped at walgreen's to get some christmas tins & found exactly the animals i was looking for for william, kathryn & ariyana.  woot!  also, spoke w/ the nice, elderly bell ringer in front of the store.  he was wearing a john deere hat & i complimented him on it.  his wife got it for him from cracker barrel.  wasn't that sweet?

7) i bet cracker barrel & the machine shed gift shops have some awesome christmas stuff going on.  i must check it out!!  

8) this post and format was inspired by my bloggy friend, pam.  : )  

9) i had planned to go over to trish's tonight for dinner & survivor, but remembered this morning that i may have made plans w/ mom & the boys.  sure enough, i'd planned to go over THERE for dinner & survivor & games.  heh.  

10) so i went over there for subway & Sorry & baseball & tickles & no snuggles because leyton refused to snuggle w/ me & anthony ran away!  LOL  he did deign to allow me a hug or two, tho.  : ) leyton was one tiiiiired puppy, tho, and he was crying at the drop of a hat!  

11) oh yeah, we also played apples to apples jr.  
it was fun!

12) i didn't get home til 9:30 & i forgot to drop off season 1 of supernatural.  
dang it!  
i was JUST there last night & they reminded me it was due today!  
i had it in the car & everything!

13) that's pretty much all i've got, plus this is getting long & i want to read a bit before bed.  
and i have to edit & post a menu post... : )  i am LOVING these posts from uncle gene & aunt nancy, and hope you are, too!  


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  1. Hi carmy! nothing like a good rambling post! and look, it will help you remember what needs doing!