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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

more unexpected joys

first of all - HAPPY NOVEMBER!  today was a beautiful first day of my birthday month.  weather was gorgeous - WARM even.  tomorrow is supposed to be cold, tho.  i'm ready for cold, just not snow & ice.  LOL  well, a light dusting on thanksgiving would be okay.  and another one on christmas.  ; )  

work was alright today.  BUSY of course, as it always is when i get back from any time away.  *laugh*  and this new mailbox... i just don't GET it, so it might take me awhile to figure out.  ah well, i'm smart, thank God.  LOL  

after work, i just wanted to come home, read, watch some hulu & eat dinner.  basically zone.  *laugh*  however, i'd just walked in the door when anthony texted to see if i wanted to come over.  i'd just texted jen to see if leyton could spend the night friday or saturday, and she hadn't asked me to babysit or anything, so i thought she was home.  i fixed dinner (YUMMY sweet potato & meatballs) & then headed over there around 6 for an hour.  jen wasn't there, she had a volleyball game & anthony was watching leyton.  they seemed to be getting along okay when i arrived.  

we played w/ pinky & truck truck & a skateboard.  we went thru the boys' candy to see what all they had been treated.  we made videos!  : )  

and it was a BLAST!  of course, then the hour was up & i was heading home - and leyton tricked (or treated) me into staying longer... we read the toys r us big toy book & then he wanted me to put him to bed, but he wouldn't get his jams on til i threatened to leave.  then, just when his jams were on & i was going to put him to bed & head home, jen called.  

she sprained her ankle at vb & was heading to the ER.  could i take leyton home w/ me & put him to bed?  well, of course!  

so, we came home & took another 1/2 an hour to do more bedtime rituals & get him settled down.  tooth brushing & potty & stories & prayers & hugs & kisses & snuggles & sleep.  : )  whew!  

once he was settled, i'd hoped to catch april still online, but alas it was too late & she'd gone to bed.  *pout*  hopefully tomorrow?!  i did text w/ her a bit & w/ bret as well.  : )  so, i just uploaded my pictures & watched 2 episodes of Castle (nathan fillion!  yay!  yay yay yay yay yay!  : ) ).  

now, i'm going to try & read a chapter of Two For The Dough & then hit the hay.  gotta get up 1/2 an hour earlier (maybe) ... : )  

God really does know what i need & when i need it.  what blessings have you been given today??


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