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Thursday, 3 November 2011

oh crap, it's 12:02AM

i didn't get home til 10:30 tonight & it apparently threw my whole sense of time off.  i thought it was only 11:30, but i just looked at the clock.  d'oh!  LOL 

anyway, today was a GOOD day.  thank the Lord!  work was busy, busy, busyyyy!  but i managed to get all my vacations done & some claims confirmed & some timecards fixed & some work autho training done & some new mailbox stuff answered... all in all it was quite an accomplished day.  woot!  for lunch i had been hoping for soup.  alas, when i went into the cafe it was to discover that today is THURSDAY and so there was CHILI instead of soup.  and don't get me wrong, i really like chili.  but not their chili so much.  le sigh.  

they did have some pretty awesome mac & cheese & grilled chicken, tho!  : ) 

i got in at 7:30 so i left at 4, and sat in the parking lot at the mexican restaurant for an hour, reading while i waited for anna & dawny.  REALLY loving the stephanie plum books!!  : )  anna arrived first & we went inside & chatted while waiting for dawn & mel.  dawn arrived, but no mel, so we texted her & she said she wasn't able to make it.  :(  we missed her!!  but we had a BLAST anyway!  chips & cheese dip & tacos for me.  YUM!  we talked about kids & life & work & life & life & life.  *laugh*  

one thing that was ... well, annoying, really - our waiter!  i'm sure he's a perfectly nice guy & everything, but dude was straight up ignoring us!  starting out, we were one of 2 tables in his station.  he checked on the other table several times.  us - it was a struggle to get him to take our order, even AFTER we told him we were ready to order!  now, at first i'm sure he was just waiting for our 4th person to arrive.  i understand that.  but after awhile, he should really have checked to see if we were still waiting on them, and then after we told him we were ready he shouldn't have gone back to two other tables to check on them before taking our orders!  IMO, of course.  then, he did bring one refill of water & tea, but after that they were both out again & he didn't even ask if we wanted more when he eventually made his way back to us.  i had to flag him down, finally, after we were done, to get the check.  then dawn asked to see a dessert menu, so he brought those, but didn't come back to see if we actually wanted to ORDER dessert, so we decided not to.  

oye!  *laugh*

after dinner, i headed over to trish's to watch Secret Circle.  realllly liking this show, but more importantly i am really liking having a regular time to hang out at trish's!  : )  al had to run out to the gas station for something, so he brought us back soda.  we were joking about our soda choices, because he drinks cherry pepsi (regular), i drink diet pepsi (unleaded) and trish drinks caffeine free diet pepsi (super unleaded).  LOL  after the show, we worked on her essay for a little bit & then i headed home.  

so, how was your thursday??  oh!  and have you checked out micaela's ornament swap?  during last year's swap i met lisa, who is awesome & sent me quite a nifty ornament!  : )  

tomorrow - TGIF!!!!  *HUGS*  love you guys!  

ttfn.  : ) 


  1. That waiter was pretty bad, huh? Well, at least the company was great! I had a nice time, it's always fun to catch up with you and Dawn. Have a nice weekend, Carrie!

  2. LOL & thanks, anna peach! happy weekend to you!