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Thursday, 1 December 2011

oh christmas tree

hung out at trish's tonight.  she fixed dinner & we watched Meet The Santas.  : )  her christmas decor makes me ... warm & fuzzy, but jealous, too!  LOL  i would love to have my house be all nicely decorated... but i need to get my crap together first!  heh.  so i just go over there & enjoy the christmas.  *grin*  thanks, trish!!  she also has awesome decos in her yard.  she rescued a blow up carousel & has it up in the yard.  when i arrived, it was in the right side of the yard.  when al got home an hour or so later, he said it was right in front of the christmas tree.  then, 1/2 an hour later, trish noticed that it was straining against the plug in... she hadn't staked it down, whoops!  *laugh*  so if it hadn't been tethered w/ the cord, it would have taken a nice little trip down the neighborhood, taking out christmas decorations as it went... lol  we went out & put it back into place & trish & al staked it.  : )  

the rest of the day was busy & nutty as usual.  : ) 

now i'm off to set up the next menu post & read some Mockingjay for an hour.  a PB & jelly sammich sounds like a good snack, too.  and some Supernatural.  heh.  

thank God tomorrow is friday!  after work, i am planning to do a little shopping, then a little wrapping & packaging, and HOPEFULLY can get a little mailing in on saturday!  woot!  


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