"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 10 November 2011


i'm eating graham cereal w/ bananas & no milk.

i miss matthew.  

leyton gets to spend the night saturday.  yay!

sunday, i'm volunteering to help CANstruct a giant JD combine that will be on display at the pavilion.

i'm nervous about that.

am trying to work thru it & not flake out.

trish made fried chicken, broccoli & noodles tonight for dinner & invited me to join her & al.  

it was YUMMY!  : )  

mid-season finale of Secret Circle was realllly good!  

i miss matthew.  oh, did i say that already?  *laugh*  i think i'll write him a little note.  : )  

finally got to watch Castle tonight.  then moved on to Buffy.  

tomorrow's friday - thank God!!

work was fun - got to work w/ a cuuuute auditor.  

i like cute guys.  *laugh*  

oh!  speaking of - the other day i got to help out two cute guys who were lost in our halls.  

ummm... i think that's the end of my random list today.  time to read & visit dreamland!  : )  

hope your day went well, and that your friday is AWESOME. 

love ya!!



  1. Have you been keeping up on One Life? I missed yesterday but hope that someone is finally going to spill to Natalie that John is Liam's daddy!!

  2. my computer has been acting goofy so i haven't watched this week's yet. but i did read in TV Guide that john finds out soon!!! : )