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Monday, 7 November 2011

finishing a story

it's always hard for me, getting to the end of a good book.  is it like that for you?  it's not that i want the book to be particularly longer, necessarily.  i mean, stories have to end, of course!  *laugh*  but when it's a particularly good story, as the book i finished today, The 1st Wife, was... it's like i'm just not ready for the ending!  i'm not ready to say goodbye to the characters.  and at the same time, because it's such an awesome story, written so well, i feel satisfied with the ending.  ya know?  sherrilyn kenyon's books are always like that, too, except some of her books DO need to be longer, i feel.  *laugh*  like Acheron - oh my goodness, the beginning is so emotionally wrenching & heartbreaking, that i want more of the happy ending.  much as i love ash, i haven't been able to read it more than once.  of course, i have been thinking of reading the second half of it again, the happier half, the half after ...

anyway!  idk what my next book will be.  i didn't pick one out because i finished tara's book around 9:30, and i had blogs to read & a picture to share on fb, and then corey told me that there were some songs from the 2nd glee christmas album on youtube & i had to listen to those (out november 15th?  woot!!).  : )  kaileen was just talking on her blog about how she has so many books on her bookshelves to read that she's challenged herself not to buy any new books for awhile.  i find myself in a similar boat, bookshelves full of books i haven't read yet, but i'm not ready to commit to NOT buying any books.  heh.  as a matter of fact, i am HOPING aunt judy will give me a giftcard to the bookstore for my birthday because there are a couple books i am wanting to add to my collection and read... heh.  : )  

not that i'm expecting presents from anyone, even tho i LOVE presents.  i'm happy that the RSVP list for my birthday has ppl on it!!  *laugh*  i'm hoping grammy will be there, too, but i haven't heard if she will be joining us or not.  she'll be 97 tomorrow.  everybody say a shout out to grammy!!!  : )  

today was pretty good for a monday.  got up on time, got to work early, had lots to keep me busy.  LOL  got to talk to a friend i reallllllly miss working w/ cuz he's awesome.  he called into the call center, thinking he didn't want to bother me w/ the timecard question (hello, never a bother!) - and then the call center IM'd me to ask me if i could take a call at the same time he IM'd me saying he was sorry.  maybe you had to be there, but it was HILARIOUS!  : )  i was supposed to have a meeting for end of the year performance review, but it was rescheduled.  i did get to have a chat w/ my boss, however, and she said she thinks i'll be happy w/ the review, so that was cool.  i thought it was really very nice of her to tell me that!  : )  

what else?  when i got home, i had HAPPY MAIL!  *bounce*  a nice letter & some postcards from micaela, along w/ 3 post crossings and my People magazine (kim kardashian - fake marriage or failed marriage?  hmmmm - but what i really want to know is, will she donate the millions of dollars spent on the wedding to some needy ppl?  think about the gifts they got!  or would it be proper etiquette to send them back to those who gave them to her & kris?  hmmm).  

i fixed some dinner, read my letters, cards, and book, and watched some macgyver & buffy.  season 4 and season 7 are my favorites (which i say every time i watch either of them LOL), and i'm watching season 4.  

and now it's about midnight, so that means PUMPKIN time!  goodnight & i hope your tuesday goes smashingly well!  : )  



  1. yay for smashingly great tuesdays! here's to hoping! mine starts in 9 minutes.. :) but i am headed to bed now. glad you liked the christmas music! love you much!

  2. Woot! bed sounds nice. could be cuz i'm tired. *laugh* love!! :)