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Friday, 4 November 2011

grumble grrrr argh

uhh... i just woke up from an hour long nap & i think i'm going back to bed.  : )  

today was a good day - payroll cutoff for claims AND vacations, so i ended up staying 1/2 an hour late to get everything done.  but everyone should be happy on one of their november pay checks, so yay for that!  : )  *laugh*  lunch was a SCRUMPTIOUS baked potato w/ some chicken mushroom sauce.  mmm!  

all was good - then i got home.  :|  had a bill for my property tax, which i never got a first bill for but apparently i'm delinquent on.  what the what?!  THEN got notice from the mobile home park - lot rent is going up FIFTEEN DOLLARS in january.  water just went up starting in november.  my affordable home is becoming ... hard to afford!  :(  it's still WAY cheaper than renting a 3 br 2 bath apartment...  *sigh*  i just hate that you HAVE to live in a community w/ a mobile home.  if mom & i could buy a parcel of land & have both our homes on it?  awesome!  alas... the only truly good mail today was this - it made me smile!  

yes, those ARE hulu hooping nuns.  : ) 

anyway, so that bummed me out.  then i was all happy because there's a new terra nova up on hulu - and then i click on it & ARGH!  it's hulu plus only.  what the WHAT, guys?!  

the plus side of hulu is that it now has CW shows, so i guess you take the good w/ the bad... 

anyway, tomorrow i get to hang out w/ this dude: 

so i'm off to bed to prepare for a fun-filled day of ... well, idk.  it's supposed to be nice, so maybe he'll rather go to some parks than the pavilion, but we'll see!  what's on tap for you this weekend??


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