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Friday, 25 November 2011


have you seen GH during thanksgiving?  idk if they still do it, but for YEARS there was a running storyline at thanksgiving, concerning the quartermain festivities.  every year the family would get together & cook would be working on the traditional family dinner.  and then, every year, something would happen to mess up that dinner - fire in the kitchen, neighborhood dog stealing the turkey off the table, fight breaking out & overturning dinner, cook on strike, etc. - and they would end up ordering pizza.

our thanksgiving dinners have been kinda like that for the past few years... *laugh*

but they always end up good - last year we went to golden corral, and after much craziness had a delicious buffet meal.  this year we ordered from hy vee - with the impression that everything was cooked ahead of time & just needed to be re-heated.  this was correct, but the turkey wasn't just cooked that day & ready for reheating - it was pre-cooked but FROZEN.  the suggestion on the package said to let it thaw for 2 days!!  what the what!?

so we bandied about the going out option, and cooking the turkey later.  or getting something else for the main part of the meal ... but in the end, we called the butterball hotline & the turkey turned out okay.  we ate at 5:30 instead of 2, but it was all good!  turkey was juicy & flavorful!  

leyton danced w/ herkie & did some pretend water gunning.

i started re-reading the end of Breaking Dawn (beginning w/ the end of the movie & reading on) cuz a friend & i had a couple questions about scenes in the movie that we didn't remember being in the book (they were in there, tho!).  and also mom wanted to read from where the next movie will start, so i found that & then fell into the story again.  it IS my favorite twilight book.  : )  

after dinner & cleanup, mom, leyton & i went to the festival of trees.  *bounce*  on our way in, there was as train that went by so we sat outside for a bit & watched it.  not the whole thing - it was long!  we saw some really neat trees!  this year i was partial to the red & white stuff for some reason.  

 hot air balloons - clever!

 chick fil a cow christmas 

there was lots of neat stuff, but leyton's favorite was the train tree.  he even got to drive a couple of them!!  : )  

after driving the train for awhile, we looked at some trees from the local baseball team, news team, and some baskets & plant stuff.  all quite impressive!!  high enjoyment, for sure!  

all in all, a pretty blessed thanksgiving!  we went back to mom's for pie & then i came home about 10...and had a Desperate Housewives marathon.  now i'm all caught up.

and it's 3 AM.  i could go out for some black friday deals, huh?  LOL  but instead my plan is to get to bed, get up around 10 or so & go do some ornament shopping.  i also have to hit the WM & the PO & maybe hang out w/ leyton for a bit, but idk what he & mom have planned tomorrow.

what was your thanksgiving like this year?  


still having trouble w/ my phone - it cuts out for a week, comes back for a day or two, cuts out for a week... it's getting VERY frustrating!  it was finally working again when i got home tonight, so i called the 800# listed on the website & placed a repair ticket.  then, when i wanted to speak w/ a person in the phone area, on the phone that is LISTED on the PHONE page...it was to discover the number goes to internet help, so they had to transfer me to phone help.  yeesh!  but they were all very nice, and a repair dude/tte should be here tomorrow before 7PM.  anyway, hopefully they'll be able to figure it out, and also be able to credit my bill for nearly a month of no service!  (which i'll talk to the billing dept, i guess, once they've figured out what's goin on.  

anyway - now it's 3:30AM - must sleep!


  1. What a fun day you had! So impressed that you stayed up until Black Friday o'clock. I stayed up until two, cleaning the kitchen--ugh. But I got to hang out with my baby girl, who was catching up on House.
    I would've freaked out about the turkey--congratulations on saving dinner! xo

  2. Thanks, Laura! That reminds me, I should finish cleaning the kitchen... lol