"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 17 November 2011

change of plans

this was the name of the movie i brought over for trish & i to watch.  

our evening instead turned out much like the title, and we didn't even put it in!  *laugh*  

we spent 3 1/2 hours chatting while her thanksgiving display flickered, casting colourful lights around the living room.  

i'm so grateful for her & al, who shared his cheesecake when he returned home.  : )  it's nice to be able to just hang out, talk, share opinions, and be truly comfortable.  to know that even in disagreements one's heart is known and never misunderstood.  not that there were any disagreements tonight!  just a thought i had.  about how blessed i have been w/ friends and family.  about how much i love them and am loved by them - equally important.  to know i'm loved by not only friends and family, but to know my Father, my Savior, and my Spirit love me unconditionally, quirks and all.  to know that They are behind me, in front of me, in my heart, in my soul.  to know that the Blessings in my life come from Them.  to know that even when things get me down, when i feel crappy or scared or hurt or broken - They are here for me, as are the ppl They have placed in my life.  

we decided that we like having a regular hang out time, and so will make thursdays our movie night until january when Secret Circle returns.  (well, except for next thursday, which is, of course, THANKSGIVING!)

i got home around 11 & was going to just pop on & do a paul simon post & then read & go to bed at my usual midnight.  it's now 1:34.  so, there went that!  but i had to catch up on wednesday's blogs which i couldn't read last night.  *laugh*  from my reading i learned that tomorrow (today) is Speak Out day, a day to speak out against domestic violence.  as i feel this is pretty obvious - being against domestic violence - and as the stories i can think of on the subject aren't really mine to tell (thankfully, there), i thought i'd just link to this blog...and ask you to take some time & read her story.  

i have tomorrow off, which is something else i'm thankful for!  especially being up late!  LOL  i shall sleep til 9-ish, and then trish & i are going to a christmas bazaar thingy.  EXCITED!  i am hoping to find some ornaments for all my darling recipients of the same.  also hoping they are reasonably priced, as i only have $20 to spend on ornaments this check.  Lord willing, the bulk of my ornament shopping - and mailing - will be mid-december... : )  

anywhoo.  aunt jan & i had fun at the concert last night.  i really, really enjoy live music.  and tho he was no Yanni, and he did NOT play "You Can Call Me Al" which is my favorite song of his (perhaps because it's catchy or perhaps because chevy chase was in the video that i watched allllll the time when i was younger!).  


okay, i am going to read for a few & then zzzzzz.  how'd your thursday go??  i feel like i've lost some stories about today (some annoying, some happy, all funny)... ah well, to sleep!  : )  


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