"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


marty called me while i was at WM after work, to tell me she'd heard on the radio....nicki texted me as i was driving home from getting dinner at subway to tell me... 


*bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

: )  : )  : )  : )  : )  

i texted mom immediately after marty's call, and she said FOR SURE we are going!  : )  and also, since we don't have to travel or pay for a hotel room, we can get GOOD seats!  (altho, i will just tell you that i consider any seat at a yanni concert a good seat.  i don't need to see him, tho i love seeing him.  i enjoy the music and being in the same room as him enough to be happy wherever i'm sitting.  as evidenced by the last concert we went to, when we physically could not be any higher up.  LOL)

anywhoo, that's my excitement of the day.  : )  

oh, i also finally got to watch OUAT & also last week's terra nova.  woot!  erin called to tell me about GH.  i called back, but no answer, then apparently she called back - i just noticed my blinking light on my phone - but it never rang!  d'oh!  i'll have to call her back tomorrow... 

oh!  oh!  oh!  *laugh*  on my way home, i stopped at jen's & she gave me some pictures of her & the boys they'd commissioned.  

so cute!!!  : )  i love anthony's hair short!  i can't believe he's 13 & leyton is 4!!  <3 

got to chat w/ april a bit tonight, and phil stopped by.  i told april i'd planned to go to bed by 11 - but it's already 11:06 & i want to read a bit of Catching Fire... so, i guess the original midnight goal will have to do... 

hope your day went well!  ttfn!!

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  1. Oh, I completely forgot to share this story last night! At WM, in the coffee aisle, I ran

    into my brother’s friend, Joe. He gives good hugs. And with Phil coming by, I got

    TWO good hugs last night! I love good hugs. J Also in the same aisle, my neighbor

    & her daughter were shopping as well! *laugh* It was pretty funny. And nice to see

    Joe! Interesting sidenote – Joe’s wife is a manager at Red Robin, and a few weeks

    ago mom was in there w/ the boys she nannies, and she was overcharged for their

    drinks. So she called in to let them know, and Joe’s wife (whose name I am currently

    blanking on, but I think it’s Rebecca? Eep, sorry if that is totally not her name!) – she

    is the one who took the call & when mom gave her name she recognized it! hee!