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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

blechy feelings are here again

yeah, that's right.  blech!  i feel better right now after a rest, but this morning was no bueno.  :(

leyton woke up about 5:30 & wanted to snuggle, so i shared my blankets.  *laugh*  then, it seems he has inherited the internal clock like his aunt carrie, because at 6:25 he sat up & said, "time to get up, it's 6:25!"  *laugh*  and then proceeded to poke at me until i rolled out of bed.  the little scamp!  : )   i wasn't feeling well then, but knew i had to get ready.  leyton, however, laid on the couch, asked for a blanket & glass of water, and watched thomas til his daddy got here.  LOL  

at work, i wasn't feeling the greatest, still, but thought i would make it thru.  i ate my yogurt, and spent the first hour helping out some timecard issues.  got those straightened out & then it was time for some meetings.  unfortunately, prior to & after meeting #1 things were not so rosy.  the meeting went well, tho.  *laugh*  after feeling out of it for most of the meeting & then spilling my coffee & stuff, i asked if we could reschedule the 2nd meeting & headed home. 

however, i couldn't come straight home, because i had to pick up my Rx.  but only 2/3 of the Rx was ready, so i looked around in the christmas area for awhile & got some good ideas.  and while i don't mind - and even enjoy - the decorations & things already being out, i think it's TOO EARLY for christmas music in the stores!  now, this is not for myself - leyton & i listen to the glee christmas album ALL.THE.TIME.  he loves jingle bells, i love deck the halls.  but we're listening all the time in little increments, while we're in the car.  christmas music at stores can be pleasant or annoying for shoppers.  but for the workers, who listen to the same tracks over & over & over, hour after hour... do we really need to torture them so early in the month???  

(just in case you didn't know, i worked retail during several christmas seasons, so i know of which i speak.  i adore christmas music, and it would still get to be a bit much for me after a few weeks!)

anyway!  : )  i finally got home at 11 & CRASHED for a bit.  then watched some hulu - chuck (SMK House!  SMK house!!), pan am, once upon a time, OLTL, and i'm thinking i'll check out grimm later.  i THINK i can fix something for dinner.  i'm feeling really hungry anyway, which i think is a good sign?  i had a PB sammich earlier which has been okay... : )  

i hope to be feeling 100% by tomorrow - it's a busy day!  also hope your wednesday was more yay than nay.  : )  



  1. OLTL...can't believe Tina gave ALL the money to Todd. I mean, keep some of it. And I seriously HATE this lame Gigi/Stacey story. Sorry...nobody gets plastic surgery that makes them IDENTICAL to someone else...voice and all. Just doesn't happen and I hate the whole s/l.

  2. tina gave money to todd? was that today?? i only watched monday & tuesday... and yeah, not loving the whole plastic surgery storyline. but i do like farrah fath. :)