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Saturday, 12 November 2011

saturday antics

we did have some fun today.  hooray!  

there were some new exhibits at HQ, including a 1968 dozer that allowed ppl to be on it.  awesome!  

before we left, leyton thought carefully about what two books he wanted.  he looked through four or five of them before deciding.

when we got outside, he wanted to take pictures w/ the deer, so of course i didn't say no.  *laugh*  

then there was the balancing act... and i taught him a new game of skipping on the curb, which he wanted to try until he got it right.  when he did, he was UBER happy!  : )  

he made a couple new friends who pulled into the parking lot as we were getting in the car.  seriously love that he inherited that trait... : ) 

when we left, it was about 1, and i knew i was feeling peckish so he must be, too.  but i forgot i didn't have much cash, so we just picked up a couple things from BK's dollar menu & had a little snack on our way to target.  target was FUN!  leyton got a new hammer truck at the dollar spot - trading in the watermelon lip balm he'd chosen earlier.  *laugh*  the hammer truck also survived the choice of a santa cup.  we looked at ornaments as well before hitting the grocery aisles.  

he especially liked the guitar and the red deer.  *laugh*  

he wanted to ride in the cart, as you can see, and so that didn't leave a lot of room for groceries.  so i had to put the cat litter & soda on the bottom, which i hardly ever do.  therefore, when we checked out, i forgot they were down there & the cashier didn't see them!  d'oh!  thankfully i saw it before we left the store & swung back into the line to pay for those 3 things.  yeesh!  

after all that fun, we came home to eat a proper lunch of a lunchable & then it was NAP TIME.  he was OUT pretty much when he laid down.  : )  he slept for an hour & a half while i watched an episode of JAG & edited these photos.  rah!  

when he got up, we tried to paint eggs, which i'd hardboiled while he napped.  unfortunately, i guess the paint did NOT last as well as i'd thought from easter.  nuts!  he got one egg painted, tho.  and didn't seem too disappointed, so that's good at least!  

now  we are heading to mom's for dinner.  yuuummmy!  :)  ttfn!

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(by leyton)

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