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Saturday, 19 November 2011

birthday part 1

*bounce*  today i am 35!  altho, i would like to be ... 28 forever!  : )  that seemed like a good age.  but w/ my current job.  heh.

i slept til 9 & had a small breakfast since lunch is at 11:30.  had many texts, VM, and FB posts wishing me a happy day.  yay!  i love my birthday!  i'm so blessed by all my family & friends, it warms my heart each time my phone chimes or i'd read a new "happy birthday!"  : )  AND bret texted & said if i could pick him up, he'd like to come to the birthday festivities.  yay!!  

also?  my friend nicki makes cakes, and she kinda rocks.  

i'm sure there will be more pictures of this cake & the party later!  *laugh*  i know, aren't you excited??  ; )  

i hope your day is super-fantastic-awesome as well!!  



  1. I am SO glad you had an amazing birthday!!! That cake is SOOOOOO amazing and SO you!! :) LOVE, love, love! I bet it was as yummy as it looks :) I'm so sorry your birthday gifts from twinkie and I will be SO late. I have been such an awful procrastinator lately. I was hoping to get them wrapped and mailed out this weekend - but with Madeline in town there was so much family time between my family and Philip's family. Soon I promise :) I love you!! xoxo

  2. thanks, marianne!! the cake was yummy! : ) nicki did an awesome job, i'm a little jealous of her artistic cake ability! heh.

    there are presents? *bounce* early thank you! and just remember - the longer presents keep arriving, the longer my birthday lasts!! lol