"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 6 November 2011


love hanging out w/ him!  (sorry about the red eye - i didn't edit these, just posted from my card.)  

we went to mcdonald's for lunch & watched Up while sitting on hamburger & fry chairs.  it was nice.  he went up to the counter by himself a couple of times to ask for a new spoon & caramel sauce.  i brought him home & phil was there - jen had volleyball & then was taking anthony to get a hair cut & some jeans.  so i hung out for awhile, but then it was naptime, so i came home.  

i finished Two For The Dough (now have to find books 3 & 4!) & started The 1st Wife by Tara Tyler Quinn. watched more batman.  texted w/ phil.  then he called & asked if i could come back over to jen's at 4:30.  leyton was still napping & he had to go to his vb game.  

went over there & read & watched BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!!!  : )  it was on abc family.  leyton got up at 5:30 & we snuggled for a bit while watching disney & then played w/ cars in the kitchen.  i stayed til jen & anthony got home around 7.  i didn't want to leave.  would have taken him w/ me!  *laugh*  but he needed mommy brother time (and anthony was making salsa, yum!) and some daddy time, too, cuz phil stayed for a bit.  so i came home to fix a baked potato for dinner & watch some hulu (Grimm, really loving it, hope it stays!).  now, i think i'll pop in another batman movie & read a bit more & then try to hit the hay by 11.  

it was a fantastic weekend, but BUSY & i'm tired!!  : )  


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