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Saturday, 26 November 2011

lazy saturday? well, sort of...

today, here was the plan - 
go to the bank for cash since my checks weren't here yet
go to WM for mailers/boxes for christmas gifts
to to the PO to mail my ornament swap giftie out to naomi
come home & read People & watch Supernatural

here's what happened - 
went to the bank
went to WM
met trish & her family for brunch at harlan's
went w/ trish to deliver a lunchtime pizza to al at work
went back to trish's & hung out for a couple hours
went w/ trish to hobby lobby
went to mom's for dinner & hang out time w/ her & leyton
came home to lots of mail 
chatted w/ april
wrote a menu post (oh my!)
watched supernatural
hopefully started mockingjay before bed  ; )  

apparently trish & i were supposed to have our christmas movie marathon spectacular today, but i had put it on the calendar for NEXT weekend.  whoops!  *laugh*  so when she texted me this morning,  i happily changed plans to hang out w/ her!  we went to a local restaurant where she & her family go all the time.  they are regulars.  Cheers, "hi norm!" kinda regulars.  the waitress didn't even have to ask but brought all their regular drinks when they arrived!  but then, when she was taking orders, she completely skipped me!!  lol  i was like, oh, i guess i don't get to order??  am i invisible?  i guess that's the problem when you visit Cheers w/ the regulars... *laugh*  

hanging out was fun, tho!  especially when we got to her house.  idk if i've mentioned this before, but trish is the christmas QUEEN.  she loves the holiday like i love turtles.  like i love mark harmon.  like i love YANNI.  ; )  all rolled into one big love of christmas.  so, when i walked in, the tree was up, snowmen were everywhere, and then she turned on all the lights.  OH, gorgeousness!!  we went out on the sun porch to chat & it's all nicely decorated w/ stockings & lights & an electric fire; scooby lights & apple potpourri & figures on the windowsills.  i love that room!!!  

after a couple hours, we decided to check out hobby lobby for a tree skirt & fabric to make a cover for a side table.  didn't find anything that worked, but i did find some nice tissue paper for $1!  : )  it was HOT in there, tho.  only on one side of the store, which was really strange... 

it was super nice hanging out, as always!  and around 5 i headed to mom's for leftover turkey & olives & a roll.  mmm!  leyton & mom were playing monopoly & then he & i played pictureka (sort of).  i played bejeweled on mom's DS - oh my heck, addicting game much?  LOL leyton & i snuggled a bit & watched some disney channel (newly extended cable for them!  woot!  i can go over & watch soap net! or the food network!  or... the possibilities are endless!  sorta... lol).

april helped me pick a hotel & i got us pre-registered for our trip to DC! 
words cannot express my excitement!!!!!!!!!  : ) 
(so i'll try w/ exclamation points... *laugh*)

i think that's all about my day today.  
quite nice.
now i'm off to watch a couple more supernaturals & read some mockingjay.

what'd you get up to today?



  1. If Trish loves Christmas as much as you love all the things listed - she really IS the Christmas Queen!!! :) Her holiday decked out room sounds amazing and cozy :) Sometimes it's so nice to change plans and it sounds like this was the case for your fun filled day :) Buffalo Wild Wings is like mine and Philip's Cheers :) Where everyone knows our name haha SO excited for your trip to DC :) That's definitely on my list of places I want to visit :)

  2. i think i'm going to see if i can take pictures of her christmas decorations next time i'm over there. i really think they should be shared w/ my friends here!

    and oh my goodness, DC! yes yes, plan a trip! every time i watch SMK or National Treasure, i get this deep pull in my stomach, like i HAVE to be there. i need to get back in walking shape, tho - there is a LOT of walking to get everywhere!