"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Friday, 25 November 2011


today's post is brought to you by the number 10,000, which is the number of pageviews for this blog.  nice!  i'm sure it's on the small scale, or the non-existent scale for heavily-trafficked bloggers, but it's a happy number for me, so there!  *laugh*

today's adventure w/ leyton involved lots of christmas-y things.  and a cow dressed as a princes... 

 this whole aisle was his favorite, i think.  he kept finding things (mostly these beads in different colours) that he really enjoyed!

 "this is not chocolate, we can't eat it."  
thank you for the heads up, babe!  
; )  
 "that is one big candy cane, huh?"  
 "And look at THAT!"  
 giant lollipop (or sucker, whatever you want to call it!)

these trees are springy... 
boingy boingy boingy

he really gets into shopping for christmas decorations & ornaments, and picked out one for his dad, mom & gramma.  i'm still working on getting him to pick one out for anthony!!  i found quite a few tins, have i expressed how much i love tins/boxes for presents rather than wrapping?  cuz, lemme just say (again) - LOVE THEM!  : ) 

we stopped at chick fil a for lunch & then i came home for a bit.  picked erin up at 4 & we went to arthur's for dinner & catch up.  she shared all about her arizona sister's trip & it sounded like they had a lot of fun bonding time!  yay!!!  : )  we also had to chat about GH, of course!  soapnet is playing a lucky-a-thon - and from what she told me, i'm sad to be missing it!!  jonathan jackson is THE lucky, and even when i don't like the storylines they're giving him, i still love him!  

when i got home, i was in the mood for some movies, but didn't know exactly what i was in the mood for.  i thought it would be christmas movies, but nope.  so i headed over to family video to see what would strike my fancy.  i apparently hadn't rented movies there for quite some time, as they still had me under my old address - and i've been here nearly five years!  d'oh!  anyway, i picked out season 1 of Supernatural and two movies.  the movies are due back tomorrow, so i watched them when i got home - Super 8 & Captain America.  they were both JUST what i needed!!  highly enjoyed them!!

was able to chat w/ april a bit tonight, as well, and let her know about mom's & my DC plans.  *party face*  and also got to see the new coat she bought - it's super cute!!  sometimes i wish i could pull off super cute clothes, but i'm just not there.  *laugh*  i like my big sweatshirt coats, and sometimes daddy's bomber jacket, but i have to really be in a mood to wear that!  and i like my skirts & men's shirts... idk what you'd call my style... LOL  

and now that captain america is over, i'm ready for sleepy land, i think!  lots to do tomorrow!  



  1. Did you like Captain America? We thought it was sort of lame. Congratulations on 10,000.

    How about Matthew Buchanan dying on Wednesday's episode?? Boo.

  2. oh my heck, matthew died?!!?! agh! seriously, they're going off the air, couldn't they end it w/ a happily ever after? oh, i guess they're going online...never mind.

    and yeah, i liked CA. lame? compared to the other avenger movies, i would have to agree. but i still liked it. : )