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Friday, 11 November 2011

semper fi

november 11th is veteran's day.  the day to honor this country's veterans.  

i'm so proud of my dad serving in the navy.  of my uncles and cousins who served in the navy and the army.  i'm a little sad that i don't have any marine or air force relatives.  *laugh*  altho the navy & marines are close.  : )  or so JAG taught me... 

i'm disappointed in how our country treats service members.  it seems to me like on the surface we're all "rah rah military" and "support our troops" is very popular.  but what do we, as a country, do for our active military and our veterans?  do we pay them well?  give them good benefits?  give them rest between tours?  feed their souls as we train them to make tough decisions during stressful situations?  let's compare what our country does for the men & women who serve militarily to what it does for those who "serve" in congress.  because while i'm sure being a congressman or woman is hard work - have they ever had to rush someone to safety while shooting a very heavy gun in 100+ degree heat covered from head to toe in camo?  when they retire, do they have to worry about whether or not their benefits are going to be enough for them & their family?  

i know i'm not alone in that one!  but this day isn't about the government.  

it's about the ppl who were drafted into service.  it's about the ppl who CHOSE to go into service.  it's about my dad, my uncles and cousins and friends and strangers.  it's about those who sacrificed their time - time with family and friends, their comfort, and sometimes their lives.  it's about their legacies.

it's about time we honor them on more than just november 11th.


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  1. oh yeah - and i realize that semper fi is a marine core motto, but the navy's motto isn't quite as nifty. ; )