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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

today was a good day.

work was still crazy, but not as many timecard issues as yesterday.  
other issues, sure.  but the timecard front was a little quieter.  LOL 

i was REALLY craving pineapple fried rice, so trish kindly joined me for dinner at our favorite thai place.  woot!!  : )  we had a nice chat & dinner & i'm so thankful!!  tomorrow i'm going over to her house for dinner & Survivor.  *party hats*  

uncle gene sent his big ol' files of key west posts & pictures to my email, so i don't have to struggle w/ the disc.  yay!  : )  now i have begun the putting together of the posts.  the first one is up, so take a look!  i'll be setting up posts every day (i think i'll schedule them for the morning) - and somewhere in there i'm going to have a contest of sorts... : )  

now, it's 11 & i was supposed to be off here at 9:30 to read some Mockingjay before bed.  i stopped at family video & picked up season 2 of Supernatural, so i have that to watch as well.  : ) 

i hope your day was blessed and that tomorrow is TERRIFIC!  

(and just for kicks, here is a teaser key west sunset...cuz it's pretty!)

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