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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

this is a little more than flurries!

it snowed today, for a few hours.  started out as rain, then kind of a sleety snow.  trish texted me to make sure i was aware it was snowing the first snow of the season.  *laugh*  then i got a couple emails/IM's from ppl saying they missed her annual first snow of the season email.  awwww.  so i sent one around in her honor!  : )  the snow changed from the sleety to the flaky, and i was happy w/ that.  BIG FLUFFY FLAKES!  i like those.  they're very pretty - it looked like a blizzard for awhile!  and do you know why i was happy?

because i knew it was going to melt, and wasn't going to cause me any problems driving, and i wasn't going to have to shovel it.  

yep, i like snow when it's like that.  : )  (just wanted you to be aware i'm not fickle, later on when i am complaining about the snow.  cuz it's very likely there will be at least one post complaining about snow - and likely more than one!  LOL)

work was another study in constantly rearranging my schedule to accommodate random crazy things going on - like auditors.  i love a good audit - hello, part of my job is to audit claims & vacations, among other things!  but this was like on the fly, and there was some panic (from other ppl) and that made me feel very nervous.  not because i'm not confident in my job or my documentation or any of that, but because the tone of their questions was making me doubt myself. i know it was totally not their intention - they weren't being accusatory or anything, it was just that THEY had been caught off guard, too... anyway, at the end of the day i received compliments on my roles, so it's all good!  *laugh*  i like compliments... ; )  

when i got home, i TRIED to watch castle - got 1/2 way thru but computer - not cooperating again.  i gave up, put it in safe mode & watched Buffy.  

mom surprised me & came over to let me borrow Catching Fire.  : ) i've already started a christmas book by BJ Daniels, so i'll finish that & then dig in to more katniss.  woot!  

what else?  oh, check out my friend laura's recent blog post.  have you ever been in a similar situation?  i know i have, and i'm curious - what did you/would you do?  leave a comment here or over there & share?  i'd really like to know!!  

tomorrow i have more fun w/ the auditors, along w/ the work i didn't get a chance to do today (auditing claims, mainly!  ironic...).  having lunch w/ megan & then after work i get to hang out w/ trish.  yay!!  : )  i hope your day is sunny - even if it's cloudy!  

for now, off to dreamland i go... maybe a chapter or two first, tho.  *grin*  


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