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Sunday, 6 November 2011


extra hour of sleep was a little wasted this morning.  LOL  leyton was up at 5/6, but then let me stay in bed for a couple more hours, so that was nice.  still, was up at 7:30 & watching thomas.  he chose a lunchable for breakfast, and i read while we ate & watched the little train, so it's all good.  *laugh*  

leyton wanted to go to church w/ gramma this morning, so bath at 9 & got him all squeaky clean.  not entirely sure why, but he had a mini meltdown when he got out of the tub.  ?!  he was fine a couple minutes later, but it was just weird!  

so, he went w/ gramma about a quarter to 10 & i ran out to kwik shop for a DP & petrol for chloe.  came back & decided to watch some batman (val kilmer version).  idk if i'll get thru the whole movie before he gets home, but i'm taking him home after lunch, so i'll finish then.  : ) 

i also tried to use the opportunity to contact qwest/century link about why my phone is not working - but their website/automated phone thing is NOT HELPFUL.  after trying for 1/2 an hour to get help online - the chat live button isn't working, for one thing, and i sent an email which the response i got back was basically "sorry we can't help you."  huh??  then the other buttons for phone repair on the troubleshooting page weren't working.  at all.  like, click & then nothing.  UGH!  i'm grateful my internet is working, but when i can't access the help it doesn't help!!  anyway, so after trying all that for 1/2 an hour, i finally called the 24/7 tech help number from my cell.  struggled as usual w/ the voice response system, then finally got to the hold line for tech help.  they said the wait time would be more than 10 minutes, and gave a web address to access the live chat help.  except i went to that address - AND THERE WAS NO LIVE CHAT BUTTON!  the address they gave was basically just a warehouse for searches of phone stuff.  WTH?!  

so, i still have no phone service, and can't contact the help ppl.  ?!?!?!  

so, qwest, now century link, i like you a lot but these things could use some work!  



  1. so, i guess complaining publicly works, even if i couldn't get ahold of them. *laugh* couple hours after posting this & my FB status, my phone came back to normal. INTERESTING. : )

  2. Hello! Just dropping by to see if your phone is still working. If it isn't, or if you would like any additional help, let us know. :)


    Thank you!

    @Centurylink Help Team

  3. so far so good in the phone dept! thank you for checking in!! : )