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Saturday, 5 November 2011

christmas music?

as i've mentioned before, november 5th is TOO EARLY for christmas music, in the all consuming way one of our local radio stations started today.  i heard "rockin around the christmas tree" 5 times today - and i was NOT listening to the station exclusively!!  oye.  

but i LIKE christmas music.  i actually want to get some more cd's... *laugh*  glee is coming out w/ a 2nd christmas album, there's a michael buble that looks good, and i would like a disney one if there's one out there, i don't know!  : )  

leyton & i had fun at gramma's, eating pizza & watching a JD movie.  we didn't get home til a little after 9, tho, and then he was messing around & really tired, so we'll do bath tomorrow morning.  still, he messed around so much it was almost 10 before bedtime rituals were over.  

so, i watched the last ep of buffy season 2 & am now going to read for half an hour or so & then go to bed myself.  even tho he didn't really have a nap today, idk what time he'll wake up in the morning, and i would like to at least be a LITTLE coherent at that time... LOL  


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