"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Sunday, 20 November 2011

just another blessed day : )

well, i was up til 3 reading... LOL  but then i only slept til 9:30 or so because i was meeting mom & leyton at incredible pizza after church & i knew i needed to run to WM.  i did that & spent too much money on christmas stuff!  lol  but i did use my birthday money to get 3 christmas cd's & a movie that i've been wanting - i LOVE the WM family movies.  i got Truth Be Told, which so far is my favorite.  now, this could be because it stars two of my favorite actors - candace cameron bure & david james elliot.  seriously, he's almost achieved mark harmon status.  LOL 

anywhoo!  incredible pizza was yummy & fun as always!  we rode the car & carousel & bowled & played a couple other little games & picked out some army men as our prize.  leyton also was able to make his skateboard get some air time.  : ) 

when we left, heading to the pavilion, leyton jumped up on a ... idk what they're called?  cement block holding a parking sign.  anyway, he gave the biggest, most awesome smile... 


love!  *laugh*  

we headed to the pavilion & saw the can combine up close & personal.  
it's really amazing, and even more so that close!  

he played on the equipment, but not for very long.  

there aren't that many pieces to play on at the moment, and so that translates to more ppl wanting to be on/in them... leyton's very polite, and good about taking turns, which is awesome!!  we went over to the store for a little while 

& then played outside for a bit... 

he has such comedic timing, i tell ya, and an imagination that is just fun to watch work!  

he's awesome, and i love him!  : ) 

so awesome i let him drive.

just kidding!  he asked.  i said no.  he asked why not?  

i stated the obvious - "you can't drive, you're only 4!"  
he reluctantly got in the back seat & buckled into his booster.
really, he's so tall i'm not sure why he needs a booster, but whatever.

we sang christmas songs on the ride home.  his new favorite, from the Glee 2nd Christmas album, is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  we listened to it several times!  : )  and then he wanted us to sing it to phil when we got there.  *laugh*  

i got home around 3:30 & watched Truth Be Told while writing a letter to bug & then hopped online, hoping my computer would let me watch some shows.  happily, i got to watch Grimm & Glee & Fringe.  really like grimm & fringe is weird but sci fi goodness!  : )  as for glee... well, i still love the music!  and really, i like bits & pieces.  it just feels like it's missing something... april's theory is that ryan murphy is too busy w/ his new show now.  that's what it feels like!!!

so!  good day!  : )  

now i'm going to read catching fire for an hour & hit the hay. 

soooooo glad that it's a 3 day week!  

what's everyone doing for thanksgiving?



  1. Looks like a fun day! Oh, and guidelines are that kids need a booster until 4'9", 80 pounds. ; )

  2. LOL hmmm. 4'9" seems awfully tall for a booster seat! of course, i'm only 5'6" so ... LOL