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Saturday, 19 November 2011

birthday part 2

birthday party was a success!  
i knew nicki, grammy, mom, aunts janie, judy, sharon, nancy, uncles terry & gene were coming.
i did NOT know that julie, sarah, bret, shawna & aunt carol were coming.  
each one was an AMAAAAZING surprise!  : )  

 key west sunset from uncle gene & aunt nancy.  
God's artwork, SPECTACULAR!
gene had sent around this picture in email when they were in the keys a couple months ago.  i'd replied that it would be awesome framed - and so they framed it & happy birthday to me!  
 cookbook from shawna.  i absolutely ADORE the artwork of mary engelbreit!  
and of course, cooking - perhaps this will give me some Menu Blog fodder?!  Lord knows i need some... oh!!  gene & nancy also gave me a cd of posts from key west for the Menu.  woot!  they'll be up just as soon as i can get them loaded & edited.  

wasn't sure til the last minute that phil was going to join us.
sooooo glad he did!  : )  

it was a lot of fun, AND the food was delicious!  

after lunch, we headed across the street to see Breaking Dawn.  aunt jan, carol, freya & faith were meeting us over there.  through a communication error, jan ended up in the wrong showtime!  d'oh!  the movie was really good, and i enjoyed it!  i especially think they did an excellent job w/ jacob's leaving the pack.  i know that wasn't like a huge deal in the movie, but i remember how heartwrenching it was in the book, and they did a good (tho subtle) job with that.  oh, also kristen did a great job portraying bella's awkwardness on the honeymoon, and much as i hate to admit it, rob did a good job.  i actually kinda liked edward in this movie.  
: ) 

after the movie, jen was supposed to drop leyton off at the theatre, but he had to go potty & she didn't want to go inside (?!) & i didn't get her text asking me to come get him to take him potty (because i, myself, was in the loo!) in time to get to her... anyway, she ended up going back to marty's rather than coming in.  luckily, i had to take bret home, and he lives just a few blocks from marty's, so it wasn't a big deal for me to pick leyton up from there.  however, the whole incident could have been avoided if i'd known they were staying at marty's in the first place!  lol  ah well!  

leyton & i got to mom's at 5:30, hurriedly packed a snack (honeycrisp apple cut up & a banana, yummm!) & headed to the pavilion for the lighting.  
we sorta missed that part.
however, we made it JUST in time to see fireworks, so that was cool!  

then we headed over to look at the combine made from cans.  we couldn't go in, as they were closed, but they had it all lit up so we could see thru the windows.  (we're hoping to go back tomorrow to see it up close.)  it's even neater than i imagined...!  : )  we did make it in time for cookies, and when we got over there, we ran into aunts sandy & judy, who were there for the lighting & the pops concert happening afterward!  

how neat is that?  out of all those ppl - and there must have been hundreds milling about - we run in to them!  

we walked around for a bit, chatted w/ the aunts, and then headed back to mom's.  she'd given me a balloon, and leyton had a high-ol' time playing w/ that... and the biaggi's bag... LOL 

he makes my heart happy!!  

i left around 9:30 & they headed to bed.

it was a blessed, awesome, amazing birthday and i am so thankful for today!!!  

how'd your saturday go??  : )  



  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration!! How special that all those special people came to celebrate you beautiful birthday girl! :) I am in LOVE with that framed photo of the Key West sunset. Some of the best memories I have were made during a sunset just like that one! Do you think your uncle & aunt would sell me a print? I would LOVE to have it framed and put in my seahorse/sea themed room (well currently still my junk room that would rival that of hoarders lol but will one day be a beautiful guest room!). Key West is one of my favourite places and I can't wait to read more of their posts :) Love all the photos Carrie Marie! I adore Leyton and love seeing his adorable adventures :) I have yet to see "Breaking Dawn" :( I can't wait to see it! That's one of the things that is so hard now that Micaela moved away :( I was always guarenteed a movie date with twinkie here. I wish my mom liked to go to movies, but she gets really antsy and uncomfortable at the theatre :( I can't wait to see it and discuss it with you :) The honeymoon scene...I can't wait to see that :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday! You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer :) xoxo

  2. oooh, you have to see the movie!! i'm sorry you & mics didn't get to see it together. silly texas, that we love, but why does it have to be so BIG? that whole honeymoon was pretty smokin! i don't normally like scenes like that, but seriously the chemistry btwn rob pat & kristen is just too sweet!

    oh, and i will ask about the print!