"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 14 November 2011

guess who's back?

back again.

shady's back.

tell a friend.

or something like that.  LOL  but no.  not shady.  orion!  he's back, and he's been back a little while.  i love seeing him in my sky.  idk why this particular constallation makes me happy, but it does.  : ) 

monday... hard day but good day, too!  had my yearly review & it was excellent, very happy!!  : )  and really the only thing making today hard was that i was tired!  heh.  

after work, i had to run into walgreen's & i'm glad i did!  i found some cuuuute tins!  one will be going to grammy w/ her christmas gift of candy.  : )  and one will be going to my swap partner, assuming the ornament i find fits in it... LOL  

early on in the day, i'd planned to make some pasta for dinner.  however, by the time work was done & i'd been to wg, i didn't feel like cooking.  then i was torn btwn chinese or arthur's... i chose arthur's & got a yummmmmy braunswerger sandwich w/ tomato & cucumber, and then the salad bar to go.  they have a good salad bar w/ SPINACH & beans & sesame seeds & quite good dressing.  

what else?  tried to watch OUAT, but after being nice yesterday & letting me watch lots of things, computer said NO.  so i just watched JAG & Buffy.  : )  i'll try again for OUAT & more GH tomorrow.  haven't watched OLTL yet but GH - oh my heck, jason & sam *love love love*.  not loving the pain, but the acting?  the emotions?  the LOVE?  LOVE!  *laugh*  the other storylines, i don't really care right now.  oh, except robin & patrick, because i'm glad they're together but worried - did he kill lisa???  

finished BJ's book yesterday, so tonight i have started Catching Fire.  saw an awesome full-length preview for Hunger Games tonight.  (thanks, toni!)  ohhhh!  definitely looks good!!  

okay, i'm scooting off here so i can read for 40 minutes before bed!  love what a good book does for one, right??  : )  i hope you're having a BLESSED week so far, and that it continues.

oh, before i go i have to share - tonight on the drive home (in the DARK now at 5:30, yeesh!) i passed by a car that must have JUST hit a deer, because before i passed the car, the road was red, red, red, and i think i saw the carcass on the side of the road.  :(  i said a prayer for the ppl (there was already someone there helping them, and the car didn't look anywhere near as bad as chloe did, thankfully!) & the poor deer!  and THANKED the Lord that i hadn't hit it!  *PTS shudder*

so, God is good, all the time!



  1. oh yeah, jen texted & said she got family pictures done the other day. hooray! looking forward to new pictures of them!

  2. Not a big fan of anything happening on GH right now. Anytime they bring that freak Franco back I tune out and become totally uninterested.

  3. i agree 100% about the franco madness. i just don't get him. at.all. but jason & sam... *hearts*