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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

snow not ready for snow!

it's in the forecast for tomorrow.  potentially snow flakes will be mixing w/ the rain drops.  it was cooooold today, so i can believe that the snow is coming.  i just don't WANT it to, yet.  it's like the christmas music at the stores, only less pleasant.  (sorry, snow lovers!  i know it's pretty, and i acknowledge that.  but i bet if you want a blizzard you probably don't have to worry about getting to work or have someone who helps shovel your walkways & clear off your cars.  i didn't mind it so much when dad or phil did the shoveling, or when bret lived here & helped w/ the shoveling & went out to start the car every morning before work... heh.  i acknowledge that, too!  i also wouldn't mind so much if i knew i had the option of working from home.)

ANYWAY!  *laugh*

today was a roller coaster kinda day.  fun, but very bouncy!  heh.  i had thought it would be a fairly quiet day, so i'd scheduled a few things.  well, i got most of them done but NOT at the time i thought i would!  *laugh*  i got to chat w/ my friend jeff, which was cool, and also got some spanish help from my HR friend in mexico.  she told me how to make the ñ and the í on the keyboard!  do you guys know how to do that?  if you do ALT+164 it'll make ñ and Ñ is ALT+165.  í is ALT 161.  i had a dude i couldn't look up in the directory because his last name had the accented i and i didn't know how to do it, so when she told me how to do it, it was like "YAHOO!"  : )  yep, it's the little things that bring me joy!  

lunch was kinda disappointing today, tho.  i'd been looking forward to getting a cookie from the cafe - but there weren't any cookies!  so then i thought some cottage cheese... none of that, either.  boo!  thankfully there was a free cookie hanging around, and i had some leftover pasta to eat.  tomorrow it will be PB & J!  heh.  

after work, i went to hy vee for apples & a box of cereal.  called grammy to wish her a happy birthday & sent a reminder to the cousins about her birthday.  : )  i had apples & PB & olives & 1/2 a pickle & cheese for dinner.  and a bowl of cereal later.  i might like hy vee's honey graham cereal better than golden grahams...i know, this is a shock!!  

i wanted to watch Once Upon A Time & Pan Am & Castle, but my computer had other ideas, and shut down 3 or 4 times so i finally just put it in safe mode & watched more Buffy.  we'll try again tomorrow!  *laugh*  

so, that's that for today!  : )  i hope you had a nice one & tomorrow as well!  

i'm off to bed, sweet dreams!!  


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