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Monday, 21 November 2011

one down, two to go!

til thanksgiving.  

i'm thankful for a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

also thankful for mi mama, who gave me a really sweet birthday card on my birthday, and also sent me a funny card which arrived by post today.  : ) she knows i like mail.  heh!  

work was quite quick today, VERY busy.  expected as much due to being gone on friday & all.  i was not expecting to get about 500 photos today, however.  eep!  *laugh*  one of my reps literally pounced on my IM the second i logged in.  she said she'd set an alert to let her know when i logged on.  LOL  i was like, "whoa!  let me get situated here!  1/2 my screens aren't even up yet!"  so we chatted while everything came up & then i went to get the pictures & move them from her folder to mine.  well, there was ONE lil stinker of a picture which wouldn't copy over & made it so 3/4 of the pictures didn't copy, either.  so then we had to go back thru, i deleted all the ones that DID copy from my folder & then she put about 100 at a time into her folder for me to move.  we were both singing the teamwork song!  *laugh*  

and then i didn't even work on pictures today because i had a group of memorials that took nearly the entire day!  heh.

chick fil a & starbucks for lunch, YUM!  i know, i know, that does not sound like a normal combination.  but i wanted coffee!  

finished Catching Fire tonight.  oh my goodness!!!  mom needs to hurry up & finish mockingjay so i can read it!  yeesh!  *laugh*  i'm not even sure how far into it she is... 

organized some of my christmas gifts tonight as well, while watching buffy.  angel was making things difficult by rolling around in my presents!  i was trying to keep her off, but if anyone finds cat hair on their gift, i apologize!!  figured out i still have 5 or 6 ornamnets to buy, leyton's construction set at the JD Store, and order mom & phil's calendars.  then get boxes/mailing envelopes & head to the PO ... my GOAL is to have everything mailed out by the first weekend in december.  however, my PO dreams never go quite as i plan, so i'll be happy if everyone gets their gifts BY christmas.  LOL  

speaking of dreams... so my friend becca's pinterest is full of wedding dresses & rings lately.  as far as i know she's not dating anyone right now, but just in a wedding mood!  hopefully we're having dinner next week so i can find out the skinny.  *laugh*  anyway, so i was looking at all her posts last night before bed & then i had crazy dreams!  *laugh*  in one, i was wearing a wedding dress that i don't actually think i would ever wear in real life because it was ... just not my style.  lol  there was some intricate plot in the dream, and i think i was a spy, but now of course i can't remember details.  i knew i should have written it down or typed it out right away!

ah well... 

time for bed!  uncle gene gave me the disc of menu blogs, but i still haven't had time to do anything w/ them.  d'oh!  well, hopefully tomorrow night.  i don't think i have plans... 

hope your monday went well!  ttfn!

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