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Saturday, 5 November 2011

leyton types....



edjkeyrweleghf/l: gl9op06dgbdgv bgsj k

123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


LOL  so, yeah, leyton typed all that.  : )  

we had some fun today.  went to the bank - i thought i only had like $3, maybe $5 in change, but i ended up w/ $12!  woot!  so then we went to gordman's to look for christmas ornaments.  i also took some pictures of things i want to remember to get later!  : )  

leyton got a mini snowglobe & then as we were leaving he dropped it.  :(  but they very kindly replaced it for us!  yay!  i love gordman's!  great customer service, that.  they didn't need to replace it, but it was so sweet of them to do so.  : ) 

next we were going to kohl's, but leyton wanted to go to the pavilion instead.  the place is pretty bare, but we had fun. there was a group there from germany, i think.  two guys kinda honed in on one of the displays leyton was in, cuz they wanted pictures... they seemed friendly.  

after the pavilion & store, we went to CFA for lunch.  but leyton didn't think he'd be able to see the excavator  from there, so we went to IHOP instead.  it was yummy - i just had fries & ranch, while leyton had a funny face pancake.  now... the normal funny face has a regular pancake & yogurt, but this one was a chocolate chip pancake w/ a chocolate chip smile.  i had leftovers & it was goooood!  : )  

 idk what's w/ the frowny faces there!  

then we headed home to take a nap, which he was okay w/ until we got here.  i think my bedroom is too light for him to actually fall asleep in the afternoon.  so he just rested, read his JD magazines & i watched some buffy.  *laugh*  

now we're off to gramma's to play in the sandbox for a bit & eat casey's pizza for dinner.  : )  

what've you been up to today?  ttfn!  

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