"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Monday, 31 October 2011

five by five

that's faith-speak for "okay."  i'm okay today.  sad.  achy.  but okay.

it's been five years.  

i miss him.

i wish i could have seen leyton today.  and mom.  and - oh, wait, i did see phil.  *laugh*  and i saw mom yesterday and spent the day w/ leyton on saturday, so really i got them all in.  i even got to see anthony briefly on thursday, so that's all good!  

still, seeing them today would have been nice, as well.  

as it is, i didn't do anything i had planned or thought to have planned.  i stayed home all day.  i didn't sleep in too terribly late -just 9, i think?  i don't even remember.  whatever time phil came by w/ the weed wacker is about when i got up.  i watched buffy, and then summer school & elf for some comedy.  i finished One For The Money and started Two For The Dough.  gonna hafta see if beards still has the other books - tho i'm sure they've been long donated to a library or something!  lol  ah well, i'll just have to find them.  these books are quite hook-tastic.  they do use Jesus as a swear WAY TOO MUCH, tho.  :|  that's always disappointing to me.  i hate when something i love does that.  (Morning Glory, i'm looking at you!  *frowny face*)

anyway, idk what took me so long to read these books!  gette was raving about them forever, and i've had books one & two for years.  ah well, i guess it took katherine heigle to make me interested in them!  *laugh*  i will say, they remind me a little of sue grafton's alphabet books, tho.  i love kinsey milhone, the attitude & everything!  i think i read thru book M, and then aunt sharon stopped reading them or something, and i couldn't afford to buy hardbacks, so i sorta stopped.  A is for Alibi is still one of my favorite books, tho!!  : )  

so, it was nice spending the day lounging on the couch reading.  i made a pumpkin cake, too, but i think i should have added some pumpkin pie spices & such to it before baking.  it's a little too "canned pumpkin"-y.  ah well, at least it's moist!  if i remember, i'll bring it in to work tomorrow & see if anyone likes it.  

i hope your halloween was good.  tomorrow begins NOVEMBER, which in case you missed the memo, begins the let's celebrate carrie month!  : )  also, grammy will be 97 on november 8th.  and boo & bret both have november bdays, as well.  so it's not really ALL about me.  ; )  


retro leyton as a vampire halloween picture to bring a smile.  
: ) 


  1. i wish i could hug you. Your dad had the loveliest smile... now i see where you get yours from <3

    i love you! and retro leyton brings a smile to my face today as well so thank you for him :)

  2. *HUGS* thanks, mics!! love you!!