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Monday, 24 October 2011

Let's talk about swap, baby!

so, a little while ago, i entered kaileen's sparkle swap.  it sounded like a lot of fun - enter & send someone a package of something soothing, sweet, sparkly, and a surprise, and get one in return.  hello, have we met?  i LOVE sending (and receiving) pressies!  : )  so i shot off a comment or email to kaileen - after reading thru some of her blogs, because she was rec'd by micaela, but i still wanted to see what she was about before i sent out my address, ya know??  : )  she's got a really neat blog!  she's taking a refreshing break from blogging right now, but her past posts are still worth checking out.  kaileen's good ppl!  

also good ppl, nadine-adele, who was my giftee.  i know i already wrote about the trouble i had sending her gift, BUT am happy to report that after all that, it arrived to her in the UK after only a week of travel!  hooray!  and she enjoyed her gifties.  : )  that always makes me feel good!  

erin was my gifter of swap swag.  she did GREAT!  not in small part due to the fact that she & i must have the same taste in gifts!  : )  

my favorite tubey cookies, twinings tea, cocoa & mint cocoa mmmm!, sparkly nail polish & a cuuuuute bookmark that she made!  love love!  

THANK YOU, erin!  i've already painted my pinky w/ the lovely black diamond nail polish.  i may do the rest of the nails, even!  it was a very nice surprise for me at my door!  : ) 

now it's time for bed, i think.  maybe a chapter or two first... : )  the rest of my day in brief - work was pretty good, hectic, tho!  and a couple things irritated me, but whadda ya do?  smile & try not to stress out.  LOL  there was a scrumptious potato & leek soup from the cafe for lunch, and a baked potato for dinner.  mmmm, so good!  (apparently i was in the mood for potatoes today...)  i finished Holding the Baby & started a betty neels from back in the day - it was published the year i was born!  it's called  The Edge of Winter.  wanna know the cover price?  SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS!  ikr, amazing!  you could buy a book or a gallon of gas for that...interesting - now they will both cost you btwn $3-5 for the same kind of book/gas!  

anywhoo!  i have labs in the morning at 9, so i started the required 12 hour fast at 9 tonight.  i tried to stave off any hunger pains by eating a bowl of oatmeal w/ PB right at like 8:45, but alas, my tummy is hungry!  normally i would have had my PB w/ cheese right before bed, to fill my tummy while i slept.  i know some schools of thought say you shouldn't eat right before bed, but i've always had to have something in my stomach or i feel sick.  which is why i HATE fasting labs.  :(  i know i'm not going to starve or anything dire like that, but just the way my metabolism is, it's highly uncomfortable for me!  (listen to me whine - i'm very grateful it's only 12 hours & not days ppl have to go w/o food, i know how blessed i am!)

so, i watched The Death of The Incredible Hulk (why didn't i remember he actually DIES?  yeesh!) & Transformers, and now sleep really sounds divine!  hope your day was sparkly goodness!  : ) 


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