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Monday, 3 October 2011

oh those golden grahams

hands down, favorite cereal.  what's yours??

mondays are hard, yo!  but today involved the beginning of customer service week, an asiago cheese bagel, chicken tortilla soup, hanging out w/ my wall-mate, and dinner w/ one of my besties!  i met trish for thai at 5-ish & we didn't leave til almost 8.  : )  i had pineapple fried rice, because i might be off the pumpkin curry for a bit longer after last time.  :|  that is sad, but oh my heck, the PFR is gooood!  cashews & cranberries & deliciousness!  : )  it was great to spend some time hanging out, too, and not feeling rushed at all & being able to actually talk!  *laugh*  (lunch last week was great, but i was on a time limit & stuff.  LOL)

when i got home i watched burn notice & royal pains & some you tube videos of wedding proposals & such. if you are on my FB, check out the proposal i posted.  it is SO SWEET!  and FUN!  i go back & forth about public proposals - i mean, usually my opinion is that a proposal should be private, btwn the two ppl making that decision, a memory for them & them alone.  BUT, having said that, this proposal was amazing.  : )  

i caught up on some blogs & also read some "last posts."  i've been discovering some new blogs lately & suddenly 1/2 of them are up & decided not to blog anymore!  for various reasons, all of them valid.  but it got me to thinking about my own blogging.  i love that y'all read my blog, i'm so happy to be able to share leyton w/ ya & stuff.  and i love comments, which are always in short supply.  *laugh*  but - i write because it's who i am.  whether anyone out there is reading this or not, writing makes me feel better.  i don't feel pressured to make it interesting or new or anything like that because i'm writing first for me.  i think that's the secret to blogging.  *laugh*  in so much as there is a secret.  heh.  so, when ppl decide to stop blogging, i'm sad, but i feel them!  

anywhoo!  i did not meet my goal of going to bed by midnight tonight, but need to go to bed before 1.  so, i'll leave you w/ a couple things - thank God amanda knox is free!  but so is her ... friend?  the dude who was also convicted, but idk his name because he hasn't even been MENTIONED and the only reason i even know he was also released is because there was a sliiiiight view of him after the verdict.  do you think he feels bad about not having all the publicity amanda has?  or is he just happy that everyone working for her aquittal also got his?  i spelled aquital wrong, but am too tired to look up the right spelling, so i'm sorry.  

: ) 

still reading?  *laugh*

well, here are some postcards i received today.  i'm also sending out a big group of them, and some letters... : ) 

hope your tuesday is terrific!  i'm watching the boys after work, so hopefully they are in good moods!  ; )  

ttfn!  <3  

 australia - an eagle ray, cuuuute!

 bunny from my pen pal, laura, in FL

netherlands  : ) 

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  1. I could easily live on cereal if I had to. I like almost all cereals except any that have to do with peanut butter.