"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Thursday, 27 October 2011

chicken noodles

thanks to my dear friend trish for a wonderful thursday night!!  we chatted, we ate chicken & noodles - which WERE as good as grammy's!, we watched funny shows & then the main event!  no, not the world series, sorry. *laugh*  Secret Circle!!  i quite liked it, too, and was invited back for the show next week, too.  woot!  : )  

jen texed while i was over there, asking if i could take anthony to get something for a school project, because she's not feeling well.  i said sure, i'd pick him up when i came home.  we went down to the dollar store, but they were out of regular balloons.  bummer!  from there, we walked over to WM & they had balloons for less than a dollar, so, score!  : )  he said a proper thank you when i dropped him off, and was a happy teenager, which i always like to see... 

the work day was ... how to say?  interesting.  *laugh*  at one point i had about 5 conversations going at once, well not at ONCE but one after the other - i made 3 phone calls to follow up on a few things, and had to leave messages at 2.  then, while i was on the line w/ the third one, another call or returned my call, and before i could call back the other person returned my call!  plus ppl were coming up to me to drop off payment for their tastefully simple orders, ask what is going on w/ the boo grams (according to our calculations, everyone who wanted to participate has been boo'd), or IMing me about the new mailbox i'll be taking over next month!  

whew!  i wanted to read at lunch - started a new book, a 43 Light Street by Rebecca York.  however, there was a lady already in my reading nook, and i didn't want to plop on the ground, even tho my reading nook is cement stairs, so it's not really warmer than the ground.  lol  

when i got home tonight, i watched the latest pan am.  i really, really enjoy that show!!  and this ep had guest appearances by scott wolf (Wolf in the 10th Kingdom, Gilmore Girls...) and goran visnjic (sp?) from ER.  mmmm yes, please!   : )  

what else?  tomorrow, i'm taking my car back to the dealership & then heading in to work.  today i called around a bit to ask about gas caps.  a generic cap is only $12 or so, but it wouldn't be warrantied for a year, and it wouldn't be tethered to the car.  so, i'm going w/ the over-priced GM original replacement gas cap & paying the crazy-ridiculous price.  saves me the headache!  i also inquired around about the cruise control switch, and was quoted $400-500 for JUST that service.  so, i guess the dealership isn't quite as overpriced as everyone keeps telling me they are... or at least not for the switch/labor!  ?!  lol  

after work, erin's coming over to hang out & i'm making ... something ... for dinner.  *laugh*  might just be soup & chicken!  or meatballs... hmm.  idk, but i can tell you that i cannot WAIT for grocery day!!  *laugh*  

i hope your day went well!  ttfn!! 

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