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Monday, 10 October 2011

pleasant surprises

hey blog buddies!  how'd everyone's monday go?  mine was quite uneventful at work - busy, but just in the normal way, thankfully!  i even got to leave on time!  woot!  

i returned Psych to the video store, and then was going to pick up my birthday invites from the CVS - except i went to the wrong one.  d'oh!  so, i stopped at the PO to mail some postcards & then came home to make a baked potato for dinner, chat w/ april a bit, and watch Revenge & Pan AM.  the playboy club is buh-bye, but i really hope these two stick around - they are EXCELLENT!  

also when i got home, while i was cleaning out some things, i found a couple packets of photos from 1999.  one of the packets included two "new" pictures of dad!  blessings!  : )  

he was packing my car for a trip to chicago to visit juli & linda, i believe... i love his hat.  

i remember that trip as my first train ride into the city... hanging out w/ friends.. first visit to buckingham fountain... all in all a good time!

what was your monday like?


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