"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."

Saturday, 22 October 2011

the good stuff

there were some crazy shenanigans going on tonight, but today was a GOOD day.  a blessed day.  a day of miraculous things!  : )  

i had a good night's sleep, thank You, Lord!  i got up & watched Stardust & started my letter to these fine folks.  i'm going to put in some postcards & things for them.  it's a really neat project, and if you have time & want to write them a letter to help them to their goal, that would be neat!  it's already october & they're almost at 300, so they have a ways to go (well, that's where they're at on the blog, they may have received more that they're going over, idk).  anyway, hook them up!  

i met mom & leyton at the museum around 1:30.  we played in the firetruck room for quite a while, then went outside for a bit, then enjoyed the TURTLE exhibit!  : )  leyton even made a turtle craft!  

we left the museum around 4, i think, and headed to a new restaurant mom wanted to try, mylee's.  they had a piano leyton got to play & he made friends w/ the owner's son, who was 5.  heh.  i had a gyro omelet which wa pretty good.  liked the cucumber sauce a lot!  i'd like to go back & try their lunch/dinner items.  and write a menu post about them!  

after dinner, i headed to blackhawk park for sandra's birthday party.  i didn't have my phone, so i couldn't text her to make sure i had the right area of the park, but i didn't let the panic stop me from going up to what i thought was her party (i was right).  i stayed for 20 minutes or so & headed to WM.  mom kindly gave me $$ for my phone card & gas.  that was a nightmare - i went in to put money on the top up card & gas card.  i forgot to put new checks in my checkbook.  d'oh!  thankfully i HAD put them in my purse.  i held up the line while i ran out(thankfully there wasn't actually a line & the cashier just turned off her light)(and i had parked close).  the top up card was rejected.  :|  i held up the line while i went into the checkout areas to find a new card.  OYE.  now, by this time, the cashier was all kinds of confused as to what my change should be - even tho the screen said, "Total Due $7.52- (or something around that much)."  i was like, i think that's my change, because the one card was rejected & the other one put on, which evened it out.  actually, it saved me money because the top up cards are 10 cents less or something."  she stared at the screen for awhile, while the line got longer... finally, she realized i was right & gave me my change.  oye!  

when i got in the car, the first thing i did was put the money on my phone.  and of course got an error.  GRRRR!  BUT, because this had happened w/ mom a few months ago, i was able to explain mostly what was going on , to tech help.  they were very nice & helped me out by fixing the problem & such... then, i went over to get gas - w/ the $10 i just put on my card.  when i put the card in, it told me i had $38 instead of the $10, maybe $12 i thought i had on the card!!  Praise Jesus!  He is awesome!  : ) 

after all that, i got home a little after 7 & called mom back.  she needed me to come down & help w/ leyton for a bit.  i moseyed down there & gave leyton a bath.  he likes to play w/ those bath markers & paint.  and bath crayons, but they kept breaking.  

all in all, a great day!  :  )  how was your saturday?  share share!  i'm gonna head to bed because i am sssleeeepppppyyyyy!  TTFN!! 


  1. That is the good stuff!! :) Leyton is so lucky to have such an amazing and fun auntie and grandmother :) I absolutely LOVE hearing about your adventures together! How neat the museum had a turtle exhibit!!! How perfect :) And that restaraunt sounds DELICIOUS! There's this German restaurant in town that has this sauce that I think is cucumber sauce and it's sooo good! Just thinking about it makes me want to go there for lunch this week :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful Saturday! Hope your week is just as amazing! :)

  2. awww, thank you!! that german restaurant sounds good, i think i need to go there, too! : )