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Friday, 14 October 2011

my life in ruins (movie)


i should have written earlier, but i was busy chatting w/ april, watching this movie, and uploading pictures to my hy vee account in preparation of making some calendars for mom & phil & such.  : )  

anyway, today was a good day.  work was just the right about of busy to keep me occupied in a good way until noon.  then i scooted outta there & ran some errands.  woot!  one of those errands was the post office to mail some packages to marianne & micaela.  :)  there was a very RUDE man in line, who made a snide comment about me, and i commented right back at him to put him in his place.  POLITELY.  or, using polite sarcasm.  LOL  

i picked up subway for me & erin & hung out w/ her for a bit.  she helped me w/ my birthday invites, which i'll have to address & mail tomorrow!  : )  hooray!  then i came home to chat & watch & all that!  (i'm tired and repeating myself, d'oh!  so... i'm just going to say goodnight & leave you w/ some pictures of alexis georgoulis, the hottest thing to come outta greece since yanni's live at the acropolis.  cuz that's my favorite cd. anywhoo!  he's hot.  see for yourself! )

they're all my favorite, but especially his smile... 

ttfn!  i'm off to have SWEET dreams!  mrrrow!  ; )  

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