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Friday, 21 October 2011

happy things to end the week with

thanks to micaela for this!  check out marianne's, as well... : )  

because yesterday was all ennui-y & today was pretty good.  


donald trump.  he's ... fun.  he's worked hard, he has personality, and i like his logic on a lot of political issues.  

Sting, oh yes, Sting!  
They Dance Alone is one of my favorite songs.  

postcards from australia, germany & czech republic.  happy mail for sure!!  

hallmark almost always sends me the first birthday card of the year.  : )  

and my aunt judy was just my first RSVP to my fabulous 35th birthday celebration!  oh, check out the pictures i used as invitations - did i share these already?  if so, sorry - but they're cute!  LOL  

and, tomorrow i get to spend some time w/ leyton & mom.  the museum has a turtle tracks exhibit that i've been excited about for months!  : )  also, my friend sandra is in town for her birthday & hopefully i'll be able to find the party.  it's at a local park, and i've been to this park before, but w/o my phone (unless i can put money on it tomorrow...) i'm a little panicky.  ah well, we'll see, we'll see!!  

le sigh.  : )  so, what are YOUR happy things to end this week?  



  1. I just turned 35 in May. I didn't have a party...but I should have. I am totally having a HUGE 40th party~!!

  2. i have a party every year, because each year is precious & deserves celebration! : )

  3. aww i love reading your happy things especially the photos of you and hipster leyton ;)

    i love birthdays and can't wait to celebrate yours soon! speaking of birthdays, i do so hope you'll be able to find le party ;)

    xoxo kisses!

  4. thanks, micaela! i did find the party, PTL!! : )

  5. Love, love, love your happy things! :) I especially ADORE those cuuuuuuute pics of you and Leyton! :) ADORABLE!!! I wish I could come to your party :) I would love nothing more than to celebrate you :) I love you! xo

  6. I would love it if all my far away friends were here for my party! That would be so fun!!! thanks, marianne!! *HUGS* love love!!