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Friday, 28 October 2011



today i ... 

had a good day at work.

made some tastefully simple sales.

ate a really good lunch of soup & deli meat & cheese.

went to the grocery store.

fixed a scrumptious new recipe of apple chicken w/ cream sauce for myself & erin.

chatted w/ erin over dinner & pandora.  : )  

did not get to chat w/ april.  *pout*

ate some M & M's.

watched & LOVED the first episode of Once Upon A Time.

emailed uncle terry.

wished i could email daddy.  

watched some clips of Dirty Soap.
wondered why i can't watch full episodes.
wished to be friends w/ the soap stars.  : )  

tomorrow i'm ... 

picking up leyton at 9:30-ish (was going to be 9 when jen said they'd be at the house, but now they're at marty's, so if i leave at 9, i won't get there til about 9:30.  and i am NOT waking up 1/2 an hour earlier because they're across the river! LOL).

hopefully going to IHOP for lunch.  i have a hankerin for pancakes & sausage!

going to try & remember to call aunt jan about going to a movie when i take leyton back to marty's.

what's up for you this weekend?


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