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Sunday, 9 October 2011

blog award (finally, oh my goodness!)

so a couple weeks ago, brooke so kindly gave me this bloggy award, the 7 x 7 Link Award.  thanks again, brooke, and i'm soooooo sorry it took me so long to publish this!  (note: it's taken me even longer than i thought when i started this post, so it's been more like a couple MONTHS, sorry brooke!!)  

so, the way this works is i have to go back thru my blog & find 7 specific posts which fit the criteria, then give the award away to some other ppl.  i hope you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane w/ me!  : )  

Most Beautiful:  Um, any post w/ Leyton pictures.  ; )  

Most Helpful: i feel this must be my most helpful blog because it's the one that ppl are constantly googling!  i believe i lured them in w/ my title - they think it's about ham, but really it's a family trip to dubuque!  : )  

Most Controversial: I think all my controversial posts are on my private blog, sorry...!  I would love to share a link w/ you, but due to the apparent controversial subject matter there, I shall not.  *laugh*  

Most Popular: Of course this was my most popular post - I was giving away $45 from CSN!  I miss those giveaways - I'm ready to do another!!  : )  

Most Underrated: I  have been thinking of this one for weeks, but can't come up w/ one.  Lame, sorry!

Most Surprisingly Successful: Surprising because it's just a rant about rude teenage punks commenting on one of my birthmarks... 

Most Pride Worthy: I'm always happy when I have the opportunity to write about the Lord, to stand up for what I believe in, and to hopefully be a witness to those who read my stories!  : ) 

now, as to whom i shall grant this award.  fail!  as you may or may not know, i generally like and enjoy and admire all the blogs that i read, because if i didn't - well, i wouldn't read them!  *laugh*  (oh, except for postsecret, which sometimes realllly disturbs me & i sort of don't think it's appropriate for kids, but yet it's trying to help kids a lot of the time & so then idk.  so i go back & forth on that one.  some weeks the selection of secrets - or the pictures that accompany the secrets - make me not want to read it anymore...but i keep coming back!  LOL)  


i hope you've enjoyed this trip down blog-memory lane.  go take a look at brooke's blog.  she rocks harder than i do!  : )  


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