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Saturday, 1 October 2011


that's how much is left in my checking account after paying my lot rent, groceries & gas, my day w/ leyton, and PARTIALLY paying mom back for the money i had to borrow last week.  (update: mom said to wait til next payday to pay her back, so that is nice!  : ) )  

payday was YESTERDAY.


i was doing pretty well early today, picked up leyton & we went to the water taxi dock, but before i parked leyton asked if we could go to the pavilion for a little bit (it's right across the street).  i said sure, but we might not make the taxi if we did that, and he said that was okay.  

so we went to the pavilion, but it was still too early - i thought it opened at 9, but didn't open til 10 on saturday.  whoops!  thank God leyton is a mostly easy-going kid.  we had fun w/ the equipment on display outside, and just the general area.

finally, the doors opened & we went into the JD store to play around a bit.  by this time i was starting to feel not so hot, but not AWFUL.  we played in the store for awhile, leyton picked out the smaller version of this:

and we went to the display floor to play on various other equipment.  several trips to the water fountains & loo were involved.  leyton saw two of his "friends" - one of the cleaning ladies, and dwight or dwayne (i can't remember & don't have time to look it up LOL) from HQ a couple weeks ago.  : )  

we played around for awhile & i noticed leyton's nose was running, so we stopped at the front desk where the very nice young lady gave leyton a tissue - which was in a JD couch cover kleenex box.  LOL

leyton colored a tractor & goofed around in the cutouts.

then we went back to the store, bought the excavator & a keychain for mom & headed to lunch.

this is where my budgeting kinda took a nose dive for the day.  i was thinking we would go to CFA since we hadn't been there in awhile, but leyton picked wendy's.  perfect, i thought.  unfortunately, then we passed texas roadhouse, and leyton said, "is that the place w/ the peanuts?"  yes... so he wanted to go there.  i should have said no at that point, he would have been fine.  but i didn't.  i said, "sure!" and that's where we went.

it was delicious & fun, but i had a brain skip - i said sure & i figured i would get him a kids meal ($4) & me fried pickles ($4) and that would be good.  except i ordered the pickles & then forgot my resolution & ordered a burger as well.  d'oh!  so, instead of $10 it was $20.  good grief!  i can't afford to do stupid things like that!!  :{  

okay, i had to stop there because mom picked me up for his game.  : )  i'm not sure who won... LOL  but it was a nice (if chilly) day & good to hang out as a family (minus anthony - not sure where he was!)!  : )  

after soccer, mom & i went to see Abduction, starring taylor lautner (jacob, twilight, yummmmm!).  it was a pretty good action flick.  and taylor IS shirtless for a portion of the movie.  LOL  not as much as in New Moon, tho.  ; )  anyway, i'd see it again, so i count that as a win.  

we picked up CFA for dinner to take back to the boys & mom brought me home & here i am!  got to text a bit w/ marianne & that was nice!  now that i have stamps i need to get some cards out.  heh.  speaking of stamps - so, we stopped at the PO before going to lunch, and holy cow international shipping is expensive!  eep!  

now, i'm going to attempt to watch some CBS shows & see how that works out. 

oh, wanted to add a couple random photos from today - leyton posed in front of the scarecrow for me, and found some neat trees to photograph.  i LOVE the autumn color changes!  

hope your day was lovely!  ttfn!!

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