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Friday, 7 October 2011

rock em sock em

did you know this week was customer service week?  

our management group does some really nice things for us during customer service week.  they give us free massages & cater a nice lunch in for us.  today it was adolph's (YUM!) & you know how i feel about their salsa!  : )  tuesday each manager wrote a note to each of their employees & gave us each a chocolate covered strawberry.  very sweet!  i did miss some of the things they'd done in previous years, tho - games (with gift card prizes!) and ice cream sundaes.  and i think it's just me, but i would really like a jacket or key chain.  we have been given shirts in the past for various things, and i love them!  another group was given fleece jackets w/ the company name & i want one.  *laugh*  so, it's not that i'm ungrateful for what they give us - i think it's awesome that management wants to acknowledge our hard work & give us these treats.  i just hear what other groups are getting - what other companies (smaller budget companies) are doing for their employees - and i get a little jealous.  does that make sense or do i sound like a horrible person?  hmmph.  

(i really don't think i sound like a horrible person... LOL)


mom & i went to a TERRIFIC movie tonight.  Real Steel.  

i can't recommend it highly enough!  tho it's not quite marketed it as such, much like Courageous it is a dad movie.  about a father & son relationship.  starring hugh jackman, dakota goyo (i love the name dakota, btw), and evangeline lily.  AWESOMENESS.  hugh jackman is ... oh my goodness, his smile is adorable, when he's got stubble he's SEXY for sure.  

i know when you think of "boxing robots" it's hard to take it seriously.  but oh!  oh, they all did a terrific job!  actors, story line, direction, camera work... all of it, beautiful & funny & heart-felt & amazing.  also, how cute is this dakota kid?  

: ) 

aaand, guess what the first preview was?  


i am totally stoked!  i don't think i saw ghostbusters on the big screen when it came out, but it was the first VHS tape that we rented when we got our first VCR.  : )  and it's the first movie soundtrack i owned.  (not counting disney movies, because we had a whole collection of disney movies/stories on records when i was little.  they were shiny!)  so, i will totally be watching it in the theatre!  (side note - mom was so cute - she goes, wow, they don't look like they've aged at all!  and then i had to tell her it was the original movie.  heehee!)  so, needless to say, i will totally be there!  : )

what was your first movie soundtrack?    

now i'm going to watch one more episode of Psych, i think, and head for bed.  picking up leyton at 9:30 tomorrow & we're going to have ourselves a weekend adventure!  can't wait!!  


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