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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


i like hanging out w/ leyton & mom.  (uh, duh...LOL)  

soooo hard getting up when it's dark!  whine whine whine!  *laugh*  but i did, and was gonna let leyton sleep, but he said, "nah, i'll get up w/ you, aunt carrie."  awww!  but then he brought his blankets into the livingroom & snuggled on the couch watching thomas.  heh.  dude, i'd love getting up if that's what it meant!!  ; )  except replace center stage or the saint or stardust w/ thomas... 

anywhoo, phil came over, i got ready, we left, hugs hugs, kisses kisses, workkk.... 

which wasn't too bad today at all!  other than the being tired part.  heh.  but i had a one on one w/ the boss & that went well.  talked about some new stuff going on, which i think (hope!  pray!!) will be fun.  didn't drink too much coffee thru the day.  rah!  lunch was a really delish swedish meatball meal.  mmmm!  

i was supposed to have a networking lunch next week, but i have to take chloe to the car doc & that was the day we both had "open."  so hopefully i can make the next one!  and hopefully the car (exhaust isn't performing admirably) won't cost a lot to get into shape!!  eep!  

after work i just went straight to mom's.  read TV Guide & watched the news while waiting for leyton & mom to get home.  they brought subway.  mmm!  : )  

i gave leyton a bath so mom could do whatever it is she was doing (*laugh*  i think she was making up the beds) & we watched Wheel & Survivor.  aside from just enjoying hanging out, it was so nice to watch survivor!  i've missed the past few eps & really missed them!!  glad to see some of the ppl who are still around!  : ) 

came home & watched a really intense and What the WHAT?! episode of the lying game.  talked to erin for a bit.  was going to watch what i think is the season finale of switched at birth, but am too tired to concentrate on it, so i am just writing this & going to sleep!  (before midnight, yay!)

i hope your day was GRAND!  sorry, marianne & micaela - cards beat the rangers tonight.  (go cards!)  BUT this was just game one.  rangers have game 2 to get back the win!  : )  (as y'all know, i grew up going to cubs & cards games, so i am THRILLED that the cards made it to the world series!  however, M & M are real fans of the game, so i don't want to pretend to be really rooting for either team.  i'll be happy whomever wins - if it's the cards, i'll be happy for "my" team and for the city that i love, st louis.  but if the rangers win, i'll be happy for the fans, because they'll truly be ecstatic!)  : )  


have some pictures for your evening!  heh.

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